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This is not a joke: Venezuelan Government: Facebook the new weapon of the US Army

August 27, 2009

This is not a joke, from the website of the Government’s TV station

Of course, it is not a “weapon”, but the use of intelligence to identify terrorists groups…but leave it to VTV to make a headline out of it, even if it is deceiving.

Double discourse, double justice, double standards under Chavez

August 27, 2009


It’s hard to write about Venezuela sometimes. The double discourse of Chavismo is so cynical, that sometimes words can not describe the outrage I feel sometimes. Everything is so manipulated, justice inexistent except for the goals of the fake revolution. But just as I am convinced that it can not get any more bizarre, it does.

Take the march by the workers of the Metropolitan Mayor’s office. They went to the Supreme Court, walking, they are three or four blocks apart, to ask the Highest Court in the land for Justice. Essentially the new Metropolitan area law, issued by Chavez to screw the opposition Metropolitan Mayor, has taken away some rights from them. It does not matter which ones, for this discussion or whether we agree or not. That’s besides the point

What matters is that they went to the Highest Court of the Land, accompanied with lawyers and with a written request: Can the Court protect us?

Except they did not get a Justice, or a clerk to meet with them. Somehow, in the paranoia of the regime, thirty people walking towards the Supreme Court represents a threat and they got gassed over and over. And to top it all off, they arrested eleven of the protesters.

Let’s compare that, with Chavez’s buddy, supporter and terrorist Lina Ron. The day she went to Globovision, she was accompanied by around 40 of her buddies in motorcycles. They threw smoke and tear gas bombs, invaded the TV station and intimidated and terrorized those inside the TV station.

After the scandal and the images seen worldwide, Lina Ron was arrested, but she was the only one. One out of forty people who would be considered criminals and terrorists in any civilized country. The Government had no recourse but arrest her. But they never said anything abut the other three dozen terrorists who are still at large, despite being taped live while they attacked. And the Government knwos who they are, they are all members of the La Piedrita gang.

And the double standard continues with the attack on the reporters from Cadena Capriles, which I noted in this post, showing how the Chavistas attacked the reporters. Once again, despite the pictures and videos and the fact that the attackers were identified as being workers of Government sponsored Avila TV, only one, just one of the attackers was charged. And he is already out on the streets!

Contrast this with the poor soul who was driving a van helping the students during a protest months ago and was accused of carrying Molotov cocktails. Despite the fact that there are videos showing the Captain of the police planting the gasoline containers in the van, this poor soul is still in jail. And he is sick and they don’t want to allow him to leave jail to be taken care of.

And then there is the bizarre case of Richard Blanco, who is the civil Governor (Prefecto) of the Metropolitan Mayor’s office. Blanco was present at last Saturday’s march and yesterday he was arrested for damaging the barriers used in containing the demonstration that day.

Imagine that! First of all, how could they pinpoint him exclusively? Second, videos clearly show that the barrier was penetrated due to the action of Colonel Benavides, who ordered the repression of the march. So, who is to blame more, Blanco or Benavides?

But despite calls by human rights groups to remove Benavides from his position, Chavez awards him the highest honor in Venezuela, the Simon Bolivar merit award and this pitiful Colonel celebrates it in true robolutionary fashion, drinking Moet Chandon champagne, directly from the bottle. And it is clear that Benavides violated a number of articles from the Venezuelan Constitution. But who cares?

But the charges against Blanco are so ridiculous, because if damaging the Government’s property was enforced, Chavez should be in jail forever for his wholesale destruction of Venezuela, Maletagate players should be in jail as they are investigated (which tehy are not), including the Minsiter of Energy and Oil who had to approve the US$ 800,000 in the suitcase, as well as paying for the flight, or the guy who built the bridge in Bolivar State which collapsed last week as it was being inaugurated. Or how about the six dollar books which Venezuela bought in Uruguay for four hundred dollars a piece? In this case, you can be sure that the dollars were also acquired at Bs. 2.15 per dollar. The revolution always has money for such shenanigans.

But in the end, Chavismo has divided its discourse, its justice, its actions, the people of Venezuela in two. If you are with the “process” and the Dictator, you can do what you want. But if you oppose them and stray one centimeter, they will find a way to get at you. No matter how ridiculous the charge may be.

It’s discrimination at its best, its fascism, its a two class system, which has nothing to do with social level, poverty, education, but just has to do with beliefs and opinions.

And that in the end, is the biggest violation of our rights.