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The left is now full of rightwing

August 12, 2009

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Bernard Henry Levy is interviewed by Argentinean newspaper La Nacion. He is asked if Chavez is left wing or not and here is his answer:

Is Chávez left wing?

-Obivosuly not. How can a man who exercizes personal power, dreams of having power forever, muzzles the media in his country, sits  on a mountain of gold that the population does not take advantage of and who is the ally of Ahmadinejad in the war being fought between democrats and anti-democrats, be left wing? There is a left that thinks that Chávez is family, the turbulent kid of the family. Not me. I am left wing and consider Chávez to be my adversary.

Read the whole thing, it is in Spanish, but worth trying…

Sort of raining in Caracas

August 12, 2009

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Altamira overpass at 4 PM today, picture taken by Twitter user tukeke

Autopista de Pdos a la altura de Campitos

Distribuidor Los Campitos, same time today. Unknown author

(Of course, according to Jacqueline Farias, thanks to the work she did, there are no “lagoons” nor has any street collapsed. I guess this is just a “sensation”, a “feeling” that we have that there is lots of water, but it just ain’t there)