The left is now full of rightwing

August 12, 2009

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Bernard Henry Levy is interviewed by Argentinean newspaper La Nacion. He is asked if Chavez is left wing or not and here is his answer:

Is Chávez left wing?

-Obivosuly not. How can a man who exercizes personal power, dreams of having power forever, muzzles the media in his country, sits  on a mountain of gold that the population does not take advantage of and who is the ally of Ahmadinejad in the war being fought between democrats and anti-democrats, be left wing? There is a left that thinks that Chávez is family, the turbulent kid of the family. Not me. I am left wing and consider Chávez to be my adversary.

Read the whole thing, it is in Spanish, but worth trying…

7 Responses to “The left is now full of rightwing”

  1. firepigette Says:

    Kolya ….

    I am not anti intellectual one bit,if I were I would be anti my husband,
    but I am anti ‘the attitude of those who are not intellectuals but consider themselves so’.

    And I am anti ‘those intellectuals’ who confuse this tendency with intelligence and special rights.

    And, I would add that intelligence is far more important for oneself and for others than is the quality of intellectuality.

    You think you can insult people and have them shut up, which is why I speak up.

    Whether or not you ignore me is of no consequence one way or another.

    Good Day

  2. Kolya Says:

    I don’t consider myself an intellectual. But that is neither here nor there. What I know is that in many countries (including the US and Russia) a significant segment of the population has this silly anti-intellectual prejudice. They often deride people of being “intellectuals” or “academics” or “elitists”, and sometimes I have even seen them trying to insult someone they previously have labeled as “intellectuals” by calling them “pseudo–intellectuals.” Silly stuff, really.

    By the way, FP, you are one of those people with that silly anti-intellectual resentment . But don’t worry, FP, after this I’ll start ignoring your comments once again. At least for a while….

  3. firepigette Says:

    “And I say that as someone who does not suffer from an anti-intellectuality complex.”

    Maybe not, but that fact does NOT make you an intellectual 🙂

  4. Kolya Says:

    BHL sometimes has interesting things to say, but all too often he does not. In my opinion he’s definitely an overrated intellectual. And I say that as someone who does not suffer from an anti-intellectuality complex.

    As to the words liberal and conservative, we have to remember that these two words truly came in vogue in English language political discourse not in the US, but in 19th Century UK–when the UK was indeed the most powerful state in the world. It was during the times in which the UK was governed by a series of alternating Liberal Party and Conservative Party (or Tories) Prime Ministers. You know, the famous rivals: the liberal Gladstone and the conservative Disraeli. So even back then there was an obvious political contrast between liberals and conservatives. And it was the famous 19th century liberal philosopher John Stuart Mill who wrote: “Conservatives are not necessarily stupid, but most stupid people are conservatives.”

  5. Corbu Says:

    “Liberal” was appropiated by Roosevelt, since then leftwing is “liberal”, the former liberals (liberal as used in Europe) must call themselves “classical liberals” and some use the term “libertarian”. But BHL wants to mix too much things to create a “liberal socialism” that is an oximoron, in my pont of view.

  6. Floyd Looney Says:

    “Liberalism” use to mean less government, less taxes, less state power and enjoyed wide public support. About a hundred or so years ago the word began to change meaning it seems from my reading of history. I think most of the changes were taking place because leftists were trying so hard to change its meaning.

    Now its a term of utter confusion because the leftist media likes to twist things around. How can an Iranian Ayatolla who assumes total control of everything, even the private thoughts of the people, be called a “conservative”. In todays (US anyways) that word means pretty much the opposite of everything the Ayatollahs stand for.

    The leftist media takes great joy calling every tyrant around the world a “conservative” when it suits their political purposes. If you try to call them on it they will say these tyrants oppose “change” they’re the “status quo” therefor they are “conservative”.

    It is also the left in the US that is most friendly to these very same tyrants around the world. Conservatives in America want government that is less intrusive and has less control of the lives of the people, of course.

    There are statists in the GOP, they are nicknamed RINO’s (Republican In Name Only) and there are some non-statists in the Democrat Party but they have dwindled to a shadow.

    The left love to play word games and twist meanings to suit the day and might say something totally different the following day. This is why a White House spokesperson would name an Obama speech on video from 2007 as “disinformation”, they want their media to scrub it from reality.

    It is all about power of course. They do and say anything to retain power, they are the ultimate control freaks. The average people do not pay much mind to politics, many hear promises and promises and believe the lying hacks when they say it won’t hurt. Everything has a cost asnd everything costs more when done by government.

    So when they deny Chavez is a “left wing” authoritarian we should name them what they are tyrants, thugs and statists.

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