This is what is good about having a permit to march in our “democracy”

August 13, 2009

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7 Responses to “This is what is good about having a permit to march in our “democracy””

  1. Eric Lavoie Says:

    BBC news is just ridiculous in balancing the 2 sides to be fair, seems only to apply with marxist left leaning government.

  2. Martin Says:

    The BBC reported that police fired tear gas ‘to disperse rival groups of protestors.’ Sounds like they were the ‘good’ equal opportunity canisters. I suppose it’s the Beeb’s famed impartiality at work again, though. Thanks Will!

  3. jen Says:

    So the new LOE was passed tonight…Miguel, I hope you’ll do a post on what all this means for our Venezuelan children…

  4. Humberto Says:

    On the other had, Chavez quoted as saying “golf is bourgeois” was covered every time I turned on the TV or radio.

  5. Karateka Says:

    It is sickening to see the contrast in the media coverage between Venezuela and Honduras.

  6. Roberto Says:

    How do you think Los Campitos got flooded yesterday? Obviously some oppo moron left the hose running……….

  7. Kepler Says:

    Miguel, again you are trying to create some strange sensation. In the first picture I just see a man jogging and the city cleaning services washing up the street with pressurized water. The guy in the yellow shirt must be an Australian tourist.

    The second picture shows some police parading, as they do in the US and Norway, and people watching them in admiration.

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