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The muzzled statue in front of CONATEL

August 6, 2009

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I could not find any excuse to write a post and use the picture above, so here it goes the picture is simply too good and too symbolic to pass up. As a person I respect a lot told me once, if you want to be a Dictator, you have to run an efficient operation. But Chavismo is the furthest thing from being efficient, as hundreds of military officers have been thrown in to run things above their heads and everything goes up to the Autocrat to be approved.

So, as CONATEL has become the center of attention in the last few days, with daily protests in front of the telecom regulator which shut down 34 radio stations last Friday and everyone expects the promised 206 additional ones to be shut down at any time, you have to wonder how a bunch of students got through the guards and put on this handkerchief around its mouth indicating that the lady has been muzzled. Hats off to the students! and Thanks God Chavez has no clue on how to run an efficient Government.