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A day for open fascism by the Chavez Government and its supporters…

August 13, 2009

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Perhaps nothing can summarize today better than the sequence of pictures above showing reporters from Cadena Capriles marching peacefully near the building that houses the company they work for as seen on the top left panel, they are intercepted by a bunch of Chavista supporters and beaten up without mercy. As many as twelve reporters were injured in the attack. Curiously, some of those hurt work for pro-Chavez newspaper Ultimas Noticias. And this attack is being reported by Chavista media as “twelve employees of Cadena Capriles”, skipping the all important fact that these were reports. Fascism was very much alive and in full force deployment in Venezuela today!

And those pictures are simply a continuation of a day of abuse of power and discrimination by Chavista authorities, as the new Education Bill, the “stealth” version introduced by Chavez between the first and second discussion in the National Assembly. Because a completely different project had been discussed for months in the National Assembly and actually approved in its first discussion. As established in the Venezuelan Constitution, that same project had to come a second time for fine tuning and discussion and to everyone’s surprise, a dramatically different document was introduced.

And while part of those protesting were objecting the proposed law, other were simply asking that the new Bill be discussed further, so that some points could be changed. I saw in the oppo media, pro-Chavez teachers who were simply asking that the project be discussed further because while it had what they considered to be positive points, others were inadequate in their opinion. And while the Minister of Education told the world we could go to the Supreme Court to change those aspects that blatantly violate the Constitution, the Chavista Deputies proceeded to open the discussion for the sceond approval, rejecting any delay.

And you have to wonder when all of the Presidents of Venezuela’s most important universities object the Law of Education and show up to protest.

And a student led demonstration had received the permits to go to the National Assembly today and they were quickly intercepted by Chavista thugs brought by buses which were all parked in front of PDVSA. And no sooner had the marchers arrived to within three blocks of the National Assembly, that the cops started gassing them without mercy, followed by the water truck, the so called “whale”, which was used together with the tear gas all afternoon.

Then came the attack on the reporters, some discussion in the Assembly thanks to the Podemos Deputies who are no longer supporting the regime and then they withdrew and the Bill is being  approved as we write.

Thus, today we witnessed fascist act after fascist act, by a Chavismo no longer under control and without any pretense of democracy. The “people” that were brought in by the gigantic PDVSA resources supposedly were there to support a Bill that restricts their rights, castrates universities and imposes a single view in all education matters.

A terrible day when the regime went for a totalitarian grab on the educational front, the only Government funded area of the country, where Chavismo had received defeat after defeat in all electoral processes for the last few years. It was as symbolic as it could get, open fascism, no discussion no democracy, no respect for anyone, whether pro or against.

It was indeed a sad day…

This is what is good about having a permit to march in our “democracy”

August 13, 2009

(Este post en español aquí)