A day for open fascism by the Chavez Government and its supporters…

August 13, 2009

(Este post en español aquí)


Perhaps nothing can summarize today better than the sequence of pictures above showing reporters from Cadena Capriles marching peacefully near the building that houses the company they work for as seen on the top left panel, they are intercepted by a bunch of Chavista supporters and beaten up without mercy. As many as twelve reporters were injured in the attack. Curiously, some of those hurt work for pro-Chavez newspaper Ultimas Noticias. And this attack is being reported by Chavista media as “twelve employees of Cadena Capriles”, skipping the all important fact that these were reports. Fascism was very much alive and in full force deployment in Venezuela today!

And those pictures are simply a continuation of a day of abuse of power and discrimination by Chavista authorities, as the new Education Bill, the “stealth” version introduced by Chavez between the first and second discussion in the National Assembly. Because a completely different project had been discussed for months in the National Assembly and actually approved in its first discussion. As established in the Venezuelan Constitution, that same project had to come a second time for fine tuning and discussion and to everyone’s surprise, a dramatically different document was introduced.

And while part of those protesting were objecting the proposed law, other were simply asking that the new Bill be discussed further, so that some points could be changed. I saw in the oppo media, pro-Chavez teachers who were simply asking that the project be discussed further because while it had what they considered to be positive points, others were inadequate in their opinion. And while the Minister of Education told the world we could go to the Supreme Court to change those aspects that blatantly violate the Constitution, the Chavista Deputies proceeded to open the discussion for the sceond approval, rejecting any delay.

And you have to wonder when all of the Presidents of Venezuela’s most important universities object the Law of Education and show up to protest.

And a student led demonstration had received the permits to go to the National Assembly today and they were quickly intercepted by Chavista thugs brought by buses which were all parked in front of PDVSA. And no sooner had the marchers arrived to within three blocks of the National Assembly, that the cops started gassing them without mercy, followed by the water truck, the so called “whale”, which was used together with the tear gas all afternoon.

Then came the attack on the reporters, some discussion in the Assembly thanks to the Podemos Deputies who are no longer supporting the regime and then they withdrew and the Bill is being  approved as we write.

Thus, today we witnessed fascist act after fascist act, by a Chavismo no longer under control and without any pretense of democracy. The “people” that were brought in by the gigantic PDVSA resources supposedly were there to support a Bill that restricts their rights, castrates universities and imposes a single view in all education matters.

A terrible day when the regime went for a totalitarian grab on the educational front, the only Government funded area of the country, where Chavismo had received defeat after defeat in all electoral processes for the last few years. It was as symbolic as it could get, open fascism, no discussion no democracy, no respect for anyone, whether pro or against.

It was indeed a sad day…

22 Responses to “A day for open fascism by the Chavez Government and its supporters…”

  1. LED Torch · Says:

    google translator is great but sometimes there are so many errors on the translation ,`”

  2. NI Says:

    Take a look to the first edition of “Correo del Orinoco” ( http://www.aporrea.org/media/2009/08/portada.pdf ) and then to the agresion pictures in http://www.cadenaglobal.com/especiales/noviolencia/. In Noticiero Digital they identified one subject as agresor, but there are at least two, the two “clowns” (see pictures 5 and 7 in cadena global)

  3. GB Says:

    I was being facetious…though now in VE, I am originally from center of it all the weirdness…think Roswell.

  4. Bill Says:

    And Roger…

    “Like the US Embassy’s are buying USED CITIZENS!”

    We prefer to call them “preowned” these days…

  5. Bill Says:


    Chemtrails are jiffy-pop beanie conspiracy fare. Plain old contrails are “mistaken” by people with uh… imaginations?… yeah… “imaginations” for being chemical “chemtrails” released from superdupersecret aircraft as a supplement to the “Fluoride” they put in our water. It’s a popular repeating theme on Coast-to-coast-AM (the only talk radio show worth listening to ’cause it’s so funny).

    We got a call into our office (we do a little aviation weather support) from some whackadoodle in town asking us about it who once thought he saw them one night and started feeling the effects. We had a little too much fun that day.

  6. Nobody Special Says:

    A lot of Venezuelans don’t have the money to leave Venezuela, and what I’ve seen is a definite migration toward Margarita Island. It’s part of Venezuela, but this isn’t like the mainland at all. The demographics are really skewed to class C and above, so a lot of the problems that Chavismo exploits and exacerbates don’t exist here.

    A lot of the people I know that have moved from Caracas are basically saying “I don’t want to go to any more funerals and I’m tired of living in fear of assault, kidnapping or murder.”

    I think that Margarita will be spared in the civil war that’s coming… but Caracas is going to burn.

  7. Roger Says:

    How can you give up on the only country have? Like the US Embassy’s are buying USED CITIZENS! Venezuela is still a good place to be as LatAm countries go. Chavez does not have the market cornered on Banana Republic Economics.
    The most progressive protests I have seen is the “Instant Protest” where a group decides to meet at a place and protest then leave long before the police can finish their beers and pull up the pants. The wonders of Twitter and such. Of course prensa is on the twitter list!!!

  8. Charly Says:

    Maybe Aren is Tosh in one of his multiple personalities.

  9. marc in calgary Says:

    Aren’s a stooge. That isn’t google translate.
    He has misspelt words, when google translates, it may not use the correct word or phrase, but it doesn’t misspell like this.. “whilite house, Im form, unligiitimate/ligimate, ameriacan, cass, choosen, carring, hipprocracy”. These are not in the google language database, as well he has a word with capitalization in the middle of it “trAcked”, uses shortens “BTW” for “by the way” and “U” for “you”.

    You’re not driving a motor vehicle are you Aren…?

  10. deananash Says:

    I’ve long said (5+ years now) that Venezuela is “lost”. I’ve further advised that you ‘abandon ship’ and save whatever you can of yourself and your family.

    Ordinarily, I am quite optimistic about the future, perhaps Venezuela is the exception that proves the rule.

    The majority of Venezuelans foolishly believe that Chavez isn’t all that bad. As things turn worse and worse, they’re going to wake up in a country that is nothing more than a gigantic prison (see Cuba 1960-2009).

  11. GB Says:

    …chem trails?

  12. Deanna Says:

    Honestly Aren, get some lessons from Berlitz and maybe your English will improve. What a shameful example for the Trinidadians (unless there are some illiterate Trinidadians somewhere)!!!!

  13. Robert Says:

    I’m in Trinidad and there’s no warships or fighters in site. And national healthcare here is a disaster. I think the only chemtrail involved here might be the one going up Aren’s nose.

    First thing I thought about his English was it looked like writing in spanish translated with google translator.

  14. Bill Says:

    Aren had me at chemtrails…. I want to know where he gets his meds. I need a mental vacation.

  15. island canuck Says:

    Aren does not appear to be a native English speaker.

    His sentence form indicates a Latin trying to write in English.

    He’s obviously a plant Chavista with a little knowledge of English trying to pass himself off as a foreigner.

    Either that or just a very troubled individual who needs immediate treatment.

    It’s also quite humourous.

  16. Ricardo Says:

    I always thought the official language in Trinidad was english. Gotta edit that Wikipedia entry…

  17. Aren Says:

    Hugo Chavez is a true leader.he has thrown out the ameriacan government choosen in the whiite house and benefits the poor annd middle cass and rich in venezuela.Im form Trinidad and i will tell all venezuelans when i visited i saw high ranking Colombian military official in hotel dress in plane clothes in which sources say came across illegally to to disrupt the running from the region.chavez wants to protect venezuelan people from the Us and Its allies pimps and parasites.My intelligence have proven day aand night after night us spy planes and fighter jets passing over trinidad and trAcked into venezuelan terrority and also speading chemtrails in the atmosphere at an altitude of 4000-5000 feet. a US war ship is in trinidad and if a war breaks out it is surely waiting to kill civilians just as it does in the middle east.yesterday i saw a us fighter plane performing maneuvers.Venezuelans stand up for chavez a great and respected leader and fight all unligitimate governments (choosen in the white house like colombian gov) and rid the us out of this stable region.the say the come to trinidad to provide health care. we are a rich country and excellent health care is provied free of charge to our nation.the have come here to ATTACK THE LIGIMATE GOV AND TRUE LEADERSHIP AND ALSO BTW KILL THE CIVILLIAN OF CARACAS IF A WAR IS TRIGGERED.THEY DID THAT WHEN RUSSIA WAS CARRING OUT TESTS AND NOW THE ARE DOIN IT AGAIN BUT IN MIND TO ATTACK AND PROSTITUTE YOUR COUNTRY.WHY COME HERE WHEN U SUPPOSED TO BE IN AFRICA AND GIVE THOSE PEOPLE HEATH CARE .WHAT HIPPROCRACY!

  18. island canuck Says:

    The $50 million to Antigua was a payment for them joining the ALBA group within the last three months. Of course that’s not the official reason but fits in nicely with history.

  19. island canuck Says:

    According to a report on Globovision the water used in the “whale” was not just water. The people there suggested that it had been mixed with some sort of chemical that restricted breathing & affected them unusually.

  20. Bob Taylor Says:

    This has to be another nail in chavez´s coffin.
    His so called supporters have to know the truth so they can abandon him in favour of democracy and freedom.
    This monster cannot be supported any longer !!He is destroying Venezuela !

  21. ErneX Says:


    “Chávez (Venezuela) is donating 50 million dollars to Antigua to help them recover from the Stanford case”



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