Trapped in the windmills of Chavez’ mind

August 8, 2009

(Este post en español aquí)


Let’s see:

Chavez starts fighting with Colombia.

Chavez withdraws Ambassador.

Chavze holds press conference very bitter with Colombia.

Chavez says no mediation is possible unless Colombia does not allow US into its territory.

Chavez sends Ambassador back, no negotiations with Colombia, no contact whatsoever.

Can anyone explain it? Is this normal? Lithium? Prozac?

Does it mean we will not buy the Russian tanks?

We will stop importing and exporting to Colombia?

Are we friends again?

Or are we trapped in the windmills of Chavez’ mind?

12 Responses to “Trapped in the windmills of Chavez’ mind”

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  2. Bob Taylor Says:

    Lets hope venezuela is not left totaly bankrupt by this crackpot dictator,as the red monkeys won´t understand why it will take time to rebuild the country and economy after chavez has gone.

  3. Nobody Special Says:

    Cocaine produces extreme paranoia when the addict is approaching the breaking point (the end). At that point if they realize what is happening to themselves they try other drugs to ameliorate the effects… it’s a death spiral. Lysergic Acid is also a possibility, but improbable. I’ve seen meth addicts get paranoid like this but their behavior goes off into never-never land stuff at the end… it would make Chavez look rational. I think it’s a cocaine addiction playing itself out on the stage of Venezuelan government.

  4. Gringo Says:

    Gerry: Please stop insulting monkeys by equating them w Chave.

  5. island canuck Says:

    Our esteemed president has just announced that Colombia is “preparing an attack on Venezuela”.

    This is so out of it that it’s just beyond words. His paranoia is running so high right now that you would have to assume that it’s a result of his chewing coca leaves or just profound guilt at the mess he has created. The trip through South America by Uribe must really have him rattled.

    He’s going to create a problem he can’t stop & then we’ll all pay the price with blood. One would hope that there are still a few sane minds in the armed forces that will not let this happen.

  6. Gerry Says:

    No Colombian or Venezuelan (99.9%) wants to be in any kind of conflict with the other.
    “ALL” disputes are at the pleasure of the representative government officials. – I must say Uribe presents a fairly balanced and non aggressive approach. I fear the other government leader, Like Obama (on Hunduras) and Chavez similarly make pronouncements before they are fully aware of all the facts (and repercussions).
    God bless all three government leaders – especially Uribe who on the face of things has remained a gentleman. (Obama is still in limbo awaiting a decision on his worth). Once a mono always a mono for the Venezuelan.

  7. Syd Says:

    chavistas on aporrea, as elsewhere, still don’t get it. Maybe because they share similar, delusional mindset with el que te conté.

  8. Roberto Says:

    wsamples: Makes a ton of sense.

  9. Jerry Says:

    Funny thing is, you see chavistas over on Aporrea asking almost the exact same questions…
    (To quote just one: COÑO NO JODA, QUÉ GUEVONA ES ESTA???) 🙂

  10. Alpha Says:

    Very nice Gustavo.

    My motto is ZEVA H.C


  11. wsamples Says:

    This came after having met with Piedad’s group? They probably told Chavez that if he fulfilled his threats, any harm to Colombia would only solidify the position of Santos in the next election. They may have also agreed to enroll in the Argentine suitcase plan in order to a) guarantee the death of the currently floundering (Colombian) reelection amendment effort, b) support the campaigns of Chavez friendly candidates, and c) help develop new methods of getting support to the Farc.

  12. gustavo coronel Says:

    Chavez’s regime motto is : “PROZAC AND PROCAZ”.

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