Seven Years of blogging…

August 8, 2009

(Este post en español aquí)


Well, on the first anniversary of this blog, way back then, I wondered how long I could keep it up and somehow I am still around. I actually spent the day copying all of the files from my previous blog, as userland (Who made my old software) recently announced that it will be shutting down their service at the end of the year and any renewal to continue to have access had to take place today. Instead, I left a message there telling people to look for the orchids in the following blog pretty soon:

which was the only part of the old blog which I actually had not transferred from there. In fact, I haven’t transferred it yet, I copied all of the pictures and I have started transferring them, it will take a while. I am slowly going through 2003 so far. Take a look at that blog and if you have any suggestions let me know.I think it looks good, but I am not completely satisfied.

In this seven years, Venezuela and Chavez have gone from strange to bizarre. Somehow these guys defend themselves as if they were doing a great job,  but have done very little but promise and that is all Chavez knows how to do: Promise and then ignore what he said.

Meanwhile corruption has reached levels that are extremely obscene, with a new class of “bolibourgeois” rising. But if you are with the process, you are not only untouchable, but you have protection from the top. Witness these charges in Caracas Gringo, that Daniel has commented on. In what other country can a man go from 0 to  1.6 billion in ten years by having Government ties and everyone knows about it and nothing happens? And the charges go beyond simple corruption…

But Mr. Fernandez keeps adding properties and wealth, just this week he reportedly purchased Banco Canarias for a few hundred million bucks. Source of funds for this? Nobody really knows, because it would be very really hard to explain. And he is not alone in buying sprees of money losing, dysfunctional financial institutions, the robolution opens opportunities to all its supporters to get involved in these enterprises.

But that is why it is called the robolution, one that works with remarkable impunity and as long as they keep doing it, we will keep writing what we learn, until it seems to dangerous to continue, which appears to be closer and closer every day.

24 Responses to “Seven Years of blogging…”

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  2. Alpha Says:

    Hola Kepler,

    I saw his new blog and I love it. And Roberto says it perfect, there are beautiful orchids in Venezuela, my wife is one of those orchids.


  3. Roberto Says:

    Kepler: They’re one and the same, Orchids and Venezolanas!

  4. Kepler Says:


    If Chavez dictatorship stops, Miguel will give us more posts on Venezuelan orchids and Venezuelan women. I hope you don’t object to that.

  5. Alpha Says:

    Hola Miguel,

    Happy anniversary and thanks for creating of the Devil’s Excrement.

    I have dual feelings, in a way I’d like to keep on reading your excellent blog, but….
    On the other hand I’d like to see the end of the dictatorship, even when it will mean that your blog might stop.


  6. Gringo Says:

    Your efforts are much appreciated.

  7. Virginia Says:

    7 Years!! The value of this effort is incalculable. Many thanks for every minute.
    Love the picture. Who is it by?

  8. Kate Says:

    Miguel, felicitaciones y gracias por tus análisis! Without your hard work I don’t know if we’d ever be able to make sense of the ‘revolución bolibanana’. Saludes.

  9. Eric Says:

    Miguel, I want to thank you for the effort you’ve put into excrementing all these years. You get right to the point, and you give just enough context and perspective to bring things into really sharp focus. I particularly enjoy your hard-headed take on economic matters. And thanks for help making life here more understandable, if not more bearable!

  10. Paul Says:

    Happy Anniversary!!!!! What you do is appreciated!

    God is Venezuela’s only hope….

  11. geha714 Says:

    Thanks for your effort, Miguel. Keep fighting the good fight. You’re not alone on this.

  12. Roberto Says:

    Gracias por todo el esfuerzo que le pones! You have a great blog! Pa’ tras ni pa’ compra’ hielo, carajo!

  13. Zumbao Says:

    Gracias por habernos mantenidos informados todos estos a#os. Siempre lucido, al dia y diciendo las cosas como son.
    Ojala este ruralismo balurdo que nos toco, vaya levantandose sin hacerle mas da#o al pais que tanto queremos.

  14. Bieler-Romero Says:


    I started to follow your blog just a couple years ago after a coworker mentioned it as a reference in a open discussion about Venezuela. With out a doubt, I would say it is a very reliable source of information, for venezuelans living abroad, about the current events in our country.

    Happy Blogging to you, and I wish you many more, with this or any other government.


  15. Lía Says:

    Congrats, sempai! ♥
    Sure that the last 7 years this country have descent from Joke Country to straight WTFland, but at least we have been here to blog it to the rest of the world. Keep going!

  16. Javier Says:


  17. island canuck Says:

    Congrats Miguel. Keep it up. You have my support.

  18. Otro Roberto Says:


    Happy Anniversary!!!!!!

    I hope that you have many happy blogging years in front of you !!!!!


  19. jsb Says:

    It’s scary that people like that operate with such impunity. At some point I suspect this man will cross the wrong interests and pay for it dearly.

  20. Antony Says:

    Well done! Your blog continues to be the best! With family in your country, I count on your website for up to date news.

  21. firepigette Says:

    Congrats! Doing an amazing job!

    Much appreciated here in my house.Thanks!

  22. Mercedes Says:

    Felicitaciones. Y gracias por tu análisis inteligente y claro, tu tenacidad y tu valor.

  23. Robert Says:

    GB- we lived in PLC in 99 to 2001 and the begging was common at restaurants or outdoor venues. Your story just goes to show that things have not changed. The poor are still poor since chavez came to power, except the ones that had a chance to buy a bank or two.

    And Ramirez? We’ll all we can say is Marxism has proven to be very profitable for some in Venezuela. That is what Marx preached, right? Greed is good! No- wait a minute. that was Gordon Gecko.

  24. GB Says:

    Today my wife and I were in downtown PLC having a simple lunch when a lady clutching a young child in her arms comes up to me and begs for some money because her child was sick. I dug in my pockets and gave her whatever change I had (about 4 BsF) and the restaurant owner chased her off only after she bought a little bite to eat.
    My wife, Venezuelan, was really bothered by this whole episode. She mentioned that just a few blocks away is the PDVSA headquarters where Rafael Ramerez frequents. She was/is totally disgusted by the greed and wealth of this one man, whereas this woman had nothing.
    It was a real sobering moment.

    BTW, after the “referendum” in February, I told myself I was no longer going to be giving any kind of aide to people. I figure they could/should go to the government for help. Of course I fail.

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