From Chavez’ believe it or not…mouth

August 9, 2009

(Este post en español aquí)


Chavez’ most recent gems:

The FARC guerrillas are not terrorists

We have to reduce the opposition using laws

I call on the people and the armed forces, let’s go, ready for combat

No country can compete with Venezuela on freedom of speech

Even if I sent the Ambassador back, Venezuelan relations with Colombia are in a “freezer”

Israel’s Foreign Minister is a thief, a criminal and an assasin

I could write a very long post on all of these, but just his words are sufficient to prove how irrational the Venezuelan President has become.

46 Responses to “From Chavez’ believe it or not…mouth”

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  2. Roberto Says:

    You know, marc, it’s funny, but as the son of a Palestinian, I’m going to have to take offense at your crude and useless remarks.

    There is plenty of blame to go around in the middle east, on all fifteen zillion sides of it.

    Your comments show why precisley that region is going to be stuck with war, strife and death for years to come.

    Personally, I deplore the attitudes of most of the leadership in the region. Neither Israeli, nor Palestinian leaders have been able to come to any agreement worth celebrating because most of them think like you.

    While you and I agree vis a vis Chavez, I hope you look deep into yourself and ask if you really truly think that your attitude regarding Palestinians will do much for the much needed dialogue we need to solve our differences.

    Frankly, you sound just like the Chavistas we regularly diss.

  3. Gringo Says:

    marc in calgary : Our PSF friend Max in the Coffee thread has an interesting article on his website attempting to fisk the Boston Review article to prove that Thugo is not an anti-Semite. Of course not, not with painting swastikas etc, not with all that Thugo has been saying repeatedly over the years.

  4. marc in calgary Says:

    and two more swings of the cat for the anti-semites out there… regarding Hugo Chavez and his ties with anti-semitism…

    and more dicing up of stupid people here… anti-zionism = anti-semitism.

  5. GWEH Says:

    Is Chavez wearing a dark blue suit or black suit with red shirt and light blue tie? Feeling bold next to Mrs K? Fashion faux pas? Damn….

  6. marc in calgary Says:

    I think the term “homophobic” is funny. It implies both fear and hatred, where none exists. I couldn’t care less for the sexual preferences of anyone, although the leader of the sad sack palestinians seems to. After all, he died in 2004 while this activity in Gaza seemed to be ongoing… (palestinians fleeing to Israel for freedom! Not for economic gain, but for freedom!) Aids ridden Arafat was their leader, was he not? Isn’t this sort of behavior just what Chavez has done as well, “Do as I say, not as I do”?
    Funny to bring up Gandhi as well, although a saint of sorts to the Indians of Hindi faith, not so much for the religions of marginalized minorities such as the Sikhs, the Muslims, the Christians, the Jews… any religion is tolerated in India, more so if it’s ours? and the denial of freedom for all views, is not at all different from Hugo. peas in a pod.

  7. Ricardo Says:

    The baseless assumptions by some commentators are so lame that don’t deserve a reply. Keep seeing the world that way and you’re going nowhere.

  8. Syd Says:

    it’s interesting to find that when comments go off topic, there are some mad dogs among us. I’m appalled by the cultural mindset of marc in calvary.

  9. Kepler Says:

    sorry, I meant “one does NOT need to behave like Gandhi, but some ethics…”

    Going back to Venezuela: that is why I consider a channel like German ZDF or ARD or what people know in Northern Europe would hurt Chavez much more than Globo. In fact, I think Globo only helps to put off ninis…because it simply does not stick to the facts (VTV is much worse, but again: we do need to be more kosher than the rabbi in certain things)

  10. OA2 Says:

    i’m pretty sure nobody wants you to represent their rights, especially israel. crawl back under your rock.

  11. OA2 Says:

    marc in calgary. your homophobic vitriol has no place here, or anywhere…loser.

  12. Kepler Says:

    Kolya, good questions. Unfortunately, there are some people who after reading as teenagers The Lord of the Rings still view reality as Middle Earth.
    Their attitude of diving everyone into “good only” or “evil only” make it difficult to combat extremism of the other side.
    One does need to behave like a Gandhi but some intellectual honesty is needed, if not based on pure ethics, at least for strategic reasons: most people have access to different sources of information.
    Most people do not want to see some homophobic video on youtube.

    The same is happening in our country. One thing is to denounce the endless crap and crimes produced by Chavez, another to make up more crimes or to just bless anyone who is the enemy of my enemy.

  13. concerned Says:

    Basic comparison about rights and wrongs, dirty politics and business as usual…

    South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford is on the verge of being impeached for misconduct via extramarital affair with an Argentinian, and the misuse of $13,000 +/- airline charges for personal use.

    Venezuela President Hugo Chavez continues unchecked by any legal authority while misappropriating countless billions of dollars while screwing Argentina on a routine basis.

    To steal a phrase from Mel Brookes…”It’s good to be King.”

  14. Kolya Says:

    Some issues, though, cut across borders. For example, if the other side gained power by means of demagoguery and gross exaggerations, does that mean that it is wrong to condemn the same tactics when your side is doing it? If such tactics help you to harm your political enemies, why not use them? Is it “right” if my side is doing it because, you know, we are the good guys? Do two wrongs make a right? The ends justify the means? Politics is a dirty business and successful politicians have no clean hands, but where do you draw the line?

  15. Roberto Says:

    This post is no place for PSF style argumentation, whether it’s about Venezuela, the middle east or which is better between a reina pepiada or una de carne mechada con queso amarillo.

    Now let us kindly return to the subject at hand, Mr. Chavez’ state (or unstate) of mind.

  16. marc in calgary Says:

    Thinking people don’t convert to Islam… but sheep do, and those that have forced conversions set upon them.
    A somewhat recent report is here, explaining some of the so called moslem thinking…
    Perhaps if the palestinians had learnt to write, they could have written their address’ and not gotten lost on their way home? or if their neighbors hadn’t started that series of wars that they couldn’t win. Perhaps the next time the so called homeless palestinians start a war of shelling civilians in Israel, the Israelis will push the entire lot of them into the Med. Perhaps if the palestinians want to be treated with some respect, they could start by recognizing Israel’s right to exist? Perhaps they just need to show the love? oh here’s a real good example of Islamic love… courtesy of fish lips Yasar Arafat. Your place or mine homo Yasar?

  17. Gringo Says:

    Back on track, guys. Accept the fact that many of us will agree to disagree on Palestine, on Israel, on the US, and that we all bring our unique perspectives and life experiences to such issues. It is exceedingly unlikely that anyone will change his viewpoints on such issues after an exchange of posts. You ain’t gonna convert no one: you are wasting your time.

    The focus of this blog is neither Palestine nor Israel nor the US, but the former Republic of Venezuela, a.k.a. Thugoslavia. It’s arepas, not felafel, that we are focusing on.

  18. Kepler Says:

    I say something against Israel policies or Palestinian policies or EU policies or US or Venezuelan policies when I see necessary. You can only see “a full attack on your holy Fatherland”.

    Israel’s justice system on corruption charges is one thing, that does not cover Israel annexing lands against international law or practicing ethnic cleansing.

    The government of Israel is often violating human rights as well, not just Hamas and Hezbollah and you don’t find it just in Wikipedia. You just have to stop watching Fundi news for a second. I suppose you can start with “Islamo-fascist” Haaretz.

    Lieberman’s statements about Arabs are plainly racist.

    When I asked about background I wonder rather how you came to those believes, the blind “I stand with Israel”. You are not a creationist,who are around half of those who put “I stand with Israel” in their blogs. I wanted to know what made you think like that: ethnic, religious reasons, information sources
    Yeah, we all know Hamas et alia carry out terrorist attacks against Israel and those should not be tolerated, but that does not justify the rest.
    Read Human Rights Watch reports (another Islamo-fascist organization)

    By the way: most of those Palestinians have been in Palestine since time immemorial and most are descendants of Jews and others converted to Islam or Christianity; with a tiny minority being “newcomers” from the last 14 centuries. They have at least as many rights as Jews to that piece of land. Anyway you see: genetically, historically…unless perhaps you go for a literal interpretation of Joshua and several other books of the Bible.

  19. GWEH Says:

    Ricardo, agree

  20. Ricardo Says:

    Hey GWEH. My question to Bruni was rethorical. My point is that someone has to pay for it. Since no govt. ever creates wealth, the bill goes to taxpayers, which, of course, is an insult.

  21. GWEH Says:

    There is long history and tradition among US, Venezuela and Israel. During the IVth, a DISIP Head of Counterintelligence and then Intelligence Boss (spy chief) was Israel Weizer and yes he’s jewish. Among Weizer’s responsibilities was keeping tabs on persons and groups in Venezuela (Margarita) with ties to Lebanon, Syria, Iran, Palestine, Hamas and Hezbollah.. you get the picture. I don’t need to get into how good Mr Weizers relationship with US and Israel intelligence agencies was. If NO terrorists = good then those where the good old days.

  22. GWEH Says:

    Ricardo, I think so far households making $350K+ and couples with more than $1M get 5.4% surtax with further increases if targets not met.

    Miguel, are you going to blog about Argentina taking over Colombia’s business? Argie cars arriving in Venezuela soon according to the minister!

  23. Ricardo Says:

    Healthcare should be a basic human right, EVERYWHERE in the world, INCLUDING Venezuela and the United States.

    Granted, Bruni. Now, who the heck is going to pay for it? Thank heavens Barry is only gonna be there for four years.

    You are very eager to call everything Islamo-fascism if it is in the slightest critical of anything that may have to do with Israel.

    Cachicamo diciéndole a morrocoy ‘conchúo’. El que no pierde oportunidad de decir algo anti-USA o anti-Israel eres tú, Kepler. Miguel’s point on the post was showing the ways of chavista diplomacy, not establishing if Lieberman is kosher or not. May I remind you that Israel is the only country in the middle-east on which public officials actually go to jail when caught red-handed. If Lieberman is to see the square sunrise anytime soon if for Israel’s justice system to decide, not you or the experts at un coñoemadre at Wikipedia.

    And btw, my background is the following: I’m a pro-US, pro-Israel, zionist right wing nut. I know your background includes having “friends on both sides of the middle-east conflict” (as if that gives you some objectivity), so don’t bother mentioning it again.

  24. firepigette Says:

    concerned, you are right

  25. Kepler Says:

    Sorry, but I have heard the “un-American” thing from both sides.
    Shall I link you to one typical person from the extreme right who does that all the time?
    Both are equally guilty of that.

  26. Kolya Says:

    FP, I did not see the youtube, but if those anti-Palin folks were spreading gross distortions, then I would have definitely criticized them just like I unambiguously criticized those who called Bush a Nazi, even though I opposed Bush. I voted for Obama and want the US to have universal health care but one of the reasons that I dislike Michael Moore is because of the intellectual dishonesty and distortions of his films (and that’s why I didn’t see “Sicko.”)

    Chavez is able to impose his views because he is in power, but one of the reasons he is in power is that through his lies and distortions he was able to divide Venezuelan society and win in the first place. No doubt about it, several people have gained power by following the Leninist motto “the end justifies the means.” I’m against such tactics. Once again, two wrongs don’t make a right. Demagogic lies (including gross hyperbole, panic mongering, etc) may help your side but they POISON society. That is why folks such as a Rush Limbaugh and Michael Moore are indeed poisoners.

  27. concerned Says:

    These posts are more fun when everyone is making fun of Chavez and not deciding the fate of the U.S. or if it is swinging to the left or right.


  28. firepigette Says:


    The problem of Chavez is NOT his distorted view, it is his imposition of it.

    Where were you when these Americans exercised their rights to a “distorted” or “exaggerated view”, and who called them Un- American?

  29. Kolya Says:

    David Frum, a former speech writer to President G. W. Bush, is a conservative. Naturally, he’s often attacked by the left. But then he’s often attacked by the loony right. Why? Because his standards are too high. He hates it when his side behaves the way the loony left behaved during the Bush years.

    Links to two of his posts:

  30. Kolya Says:

    FP, you didn’t say a single thing that refuted the statement you quoted from my comment. Among other things, you wrote:

    “I am sure that any way too far from the Right Way would have been seen by the government as a GROSS exaggeration.”

    Absolutely wrong. I have seen my share of conservative arguments against the Obama health reforms that do NOT fall into the “gross exaggerations” category.

    I find it ironic that you are such a defender of exaggerations and distortions because, among other things, the last ten years in Venezuela have what a POISONING and divisive effect such things have on a society. Distortions and gross exaggerations are one of the favorite tools of power hungry demagogues such as Chavez. Morevoer, two wrongs don’t make a right. A person can be very passionate in expressing his or her views while (1) sticking to the substance of the arguments and (2) without resorting to gross distortions and panic mongering.

  31. firepigette Says:

    “Vigorous opposition is a healthy thing, but gross exaggerations and panic mongering, whether from the left or the right, whether in Venezuela or the US, is laughable and undignified.”

    Must say that Kolya’s LAST comment reminds me of the old Soviet days where folks were convinced to adhere to ONE right way.I am sure that any way too far from the Right Way would have been seen by the government as a GROSS exaggeration.

    Perhaps we should eliminate passion from politics altogether to make room for ONE right way of thinking- after all anyone with a different opinion can easily call the other side a gross exaggeration.But then again , it might stop Koyla from having so many laughs at other people’s expense.

    While I am for some kind of health reform, I cannot say at this point which reform I can endorse.However I realize that it is a touchy subject and those who react on either extremes have their place in the scheme of things even if they are ” grossly exaggerated”.

    As a former civil rights activist, I highly endorse the right to protest passionately and at times exaggeratedly.

    Those who did not live thru the 60’s in USA, might not realize that sometimes an extreme and exaggerated viewpoint can be expressed openly and create an environment for a needed reform.

  32. Kolya Says:

    A last one and I’ll drop out. I don’t want people to misunderstand what I wrote about resembling fascist tactics, so I should have been clearer. I meant some of the tactics they used on their way to gain power (disruptions, outright lies, panic mongering (e.g., talk of “death panels), gross distortions, and so on.) And, once again, such tactics should be condemned regardless of what side employs them. Lastly: it is unfortunate, but hyperbole is a well known tool employed by just about everyone involved in politics. Here, though, I’m talking about GROSS hyperbole.

  33. Kepler Says:

    Did you read what I wrote or you just read the string “Liebermann”?
    You are very eager to call everything Islamo-fascism if it is in the slightest critical of anything that may have to do with Israel. I wonder what your background is. Mind: not everything is Hamas/Hezbollah-related.

  34. bruni Says:


    I know Miguel is going to scold me because I’m talking about US issues, but you were the one who initiated it.

    “the United States is about to fall of the cliff” why? Because Obama is pushing for universal healthcare?

    Healthcare should be a basic human right, EVERYWHERE in the world, INCLUDING Venezuela and the United States. Nothing to do with whether you are from the left or the right, no human being should be denied the appropriate medical treatment for lack of insurance.

    It is a shame that the richest society in the world does not have a suitable universal healthcare system that covers everyone.

  35. Kolya Says:

    By the way, Daniel, in his blog, linked to an excellent El Pais article (in Spanish):

  36. Kolya Says:

    Deanna, it’s much more nuanced than that. It is not disagreement on the substance of the issues, it is the tactics used that are being attacked as un-American. As far as I’m concerned, those tactics do indeed resemble some of the stuff fascists use to do in their day. And yes, when the left uses such tactics I also find them un-American.

    I will not get into it here, since this is not the place for it. Let me just say that I visited Looney’s site and much of what he has there is the right-wing equivalent of what you will find in Chavista sites such as Aporrea.

  37. Deanna Says:

    Kolya, it’s not so much that those who oppose socialism are now “un-American”, but that Pelosi and Reed (the Democratic leadership in the House and Senate) are calling those who are protesting against the health care being pushed by the Democrats and Obama are “un-American”!!! Of course, that means a socialist governmental plan for health care which copies the ones being carried out by some countries, such as the UK.

  38. Roberto Says:

    Actually Deanna, perhaps a calendar a la “Far Side” would be better. God knows, there’s enough material from Thugo to make “Far Side” look normal!

  39. Kolya Says:

    By now the world (and Venezuelans) should be used to Chavez’s hot air. Remember the time he ordered the deployment of troops a year or two ago only to embrace Uribe a few days later. And there are, of course, many other examples. The list is very long.

    As to Avi Lieberman, I agree with Kepler that he’s a very questionable character and I’m sure that even McCain would have been unhappy with having to deal with him as Israel’s foreign minister.

    Looney, imitating Chavez’s gross hyperbole, wrote:

    “Things are moving along in the United States, those who oppose socialism are now “un-American” according to our elected leaders.”

    Can you provide citations in which members of the Obama administration stated such a thing?

    Vigorous opposition is a healthy thing, but gross exaggerations and panic mongering, whether from the left or the right, whether in Venezuela or the US, is laughable and undignified.

  40. Deanna Says:

    Great idea, concerned. And I’m sure that Miguel has enough materials in his blog on Hugo’s insanity to fill a 1,000 page book. I certainly would order copies for all my friends and relative, and I’m sure that it will be No. 1 in the NY Times best seller a week after it comes out. How about it, Miguel?

  41. Ricardo Says:

    Comparing Chavez to Lieberman is ridiculous.

  42. concerned Says:

    Just as the PSUV has created and is distributing a handbook of Simone’s achievments, and Cuba is distributing Fidel’s handbook of quotable gems, why not create a fact book of Chavez’s 10 years of insanity with only the factual and proven psychotic rantings and behaviors? It should be a lengthy and amusing read. Chavez’s insanity is in overdrive and there is a tendency to become immune or desensitized due to the shear volume. This fact book would serve as a good reminder of just what kind of person Chavez is and not let the PSUV whitewash his career into some kind of sainthood or of a hero status. Don’t let them plant that seed. With as much fertilizer as he is spreading it will grow unchecked.

  43. Kepler Says:


    Chavez is a loony, we know it. Now Avigdor Lieberman, Israel’s minister of Foreign Affairs, is not kosher at
    all and I think we, as the opposition, should either keep away from that particular issue or
    touch it after we have found out a bit.
    Just a little here:
    I have been following the guy’s actions long before he became prime minister.
    Of course, Chavez is being the pot calling the kettle black, but in this case not only is the pot incredibly dark but the kettle too, in more than one sense and this is valid whether Hezbollah is collecting money in Venezuela (it does, it does) or weapons of mass destruction have been set up on Juan Griego beach pointing at Colombia, as I doubt (the only WMD I have seen there are those Venezuelan girls in those bikinis, a threat to the healthiest hearts)

  44. Floyd Looney Says:

    Things are moving along in the United States, those who oppose socialism are now “un-American” according to our elected leaders. They already posted an email address to send “fishy” comments on “healthcare” even in “casual conversation”. At the same time they want a name and a real address on file for every IP address.

    It wouldn’t be so bad if the Secretary of Health & Human Services hadn’t thanked the SEIU in a telephone conference for their work and to “keep it up” as the victim of SEIU thugs still laid in a hospital bed after being attacked while handing out little copies of the Gadsen flags on the sidewalk.

    The leftists in power and their media blamed the violence on the dissidents, although all of the violence comes from the left so far.

    I can only imagine it will not be long before they re-open hearings on Un-American Activities or something less than a year after declaring dissent the “highest form of patriotism”.

    I think, if something doesn’t stop them, the United States is about to fall of the cliff. It looks like we may be joiing you sooner than anyone had ever thought.

  45. Gringo Says:

    Hugo’s mouth: the gift that keeps on giving.

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