A day for zeroes in Venezuela

August 5, 2009

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Chavez: Zero cars from Colombia (Good for traffic!)

Chavez: The growth will be near above or below zero this year (Same as “destroyed” US economy?)

Zero opposition reporters at Lina Ron’s indictment (True and opportune information like the defunct CDM law said?*)

Zero Local reporters at Chavez’ press conference with foreign press ( * See previous line)

Zero Venezuelan nuclear counterparts to negotiate with Russian on Nuclear energy agreement (This is good, it will get nowhere)

Almost zero audience for Chavista press (3%) TVES, VTV, ANTV all together a maximum of 4.2% and Hugo Chavez’ variety show Alo Presidente: 2.1%. Not even the seals applaud any more.

17 Responses to “A day for zeroes in Venezuela”

  1. concerned Says:

    From Veneconomy:

    “(07/08/2009 02:11:42 p.m.) You lied, Mr. President:
    In the press conference with foreign journalists last Wednesday, President Chávez asserted the Swedish AT-4 sold to Venezuela and found in FARC camps were part of the weaponry stolen during the attack to the Cararabo naval post. Now, on top of the explanations demanded by the Colombian and Swedish governments as to how those weapons ended up there, the President will have to explain why he said so if (1) the attack was carried out by the ELN and not the FARC; (2) in 1995, journalist Patricia Poleo published a detailed account of all the stolen weaponry and no AT-4s were listed which made a lot of sense considering (3) Cararabo was a naval post manned by the Navy and therefore had no business with anti-tank weapons assigned to the Army.”

    You know he is lieing when you see his lips moving.

  2. concerned Says:

    Talking about a golden opportunity…That would be the last straw where the U.S. could step in and remove this ever growing pain in the ass that is infecting the whole region with his grandios, corrupt and failing virus of a so called revolution. He has contaminated every thing he has touched. Just step back and picture a Western hemisphere without Chavez. Without his psychotic influence, every country would breathe a sigh of relief and focus on the real needs of it’s peoples. I don’t think any country in the world would condem U.S. intervention under those circumstances except for possibly Iran or North Korea, and nobody takes them serious anyway. Not saying that Colombia couldn’t handle this itself…I am sure that they could. It would just drag out longer and cost needless bloodshed. In the time it would take to mobilize, the result would be similar to the two day blitz across Kuwait / Irak or Russia’s sweep into Georgia. Chavez’s 30% support would quickly drop to about 5% of the most radical, rabid chavista’s and in just a few days time, with very little resistance, the regions future would for the first time in recent years, be in the hands of it’s people instead of controlled by a madman. Without Venezuela’s support, the Castros would quickly lose control and Cuba could be free to choose it’s future. Obama could get the credit for being involved with helping to bring an end to the Cold War II before it could get started.

    I am sorry for getting carried away…For a moment I forgot that Chavez is a scared little girl just talking shit.

  3. island canuck Says:

    Is it possible that a war with Colombia is something that his twisted brain actually thinks could succeed?

    Venezuela on one side, Ecuador on another, Nicaragua on another & the FARC from within. Something a military person might figure as a golden opportunity.

    Of course the only thing holding him back is his paranoia that the US would get involved.

  4. Kolya Says:

    I agree with you, Concerned. Chavez loves sabre rattling, but people tend to forget that it is precisely that, sabre rattling. At the end of the day, he’s not as crazy as to pit Venezuela’s army against battle-tested Colombians. (After years of fighting the FARC, the Colombian army may well be the most effective fighting force in Latin America.)

    In addition, another thing to keep in mind is that those Sukhois and tanks are inadequate weapons to quell internal uprisings–they are not the best weapons to use to turn against your own people. In other words, even if you are a military inclined Chavista thug worried about Colombia or an uprising, those purchases are a waste of money. They are either for silly parades or they are a way of lining someone’s pockets. Or both, of course.

  5. concerned Says:

    If Chavez were paying for any of his mechanized toys out of his own pocket, it would not matter. The fact that he is feeding his ego with your (Venezuela’s) resources should really piss you off. When you think of how many schools or hospitals those Sukois could have built, or roads repaired, or the electricity, water or sewage upgrades that could have been performed to keep up with demand, it should just make your blood boil. Where he buys them is not important. It is a given that what he is or has purchased is obsolete and does not pose a serious threat to Colombia or anyone else. It would be like bringing a knife to a gun fight. If he keeps trying to pick a fight he can’t win, he just may get what he needs. If it ever comes to that, I personally believe Chavez will be nowhere to be seen and the militaries loyalty will stop at the border. Before it goes that far and anyones blood is spilled, please remember Honduras and the fact that no one is above the law. I would love to see an exiled Chavez trying to plead his case to the U.N. about how he was wrongfully removed like that whiney bitch Zelaya.

  6. Kolya Says:

    Chavez’s purchase of Russian tanks and airplanes is a folly on his part (unless he’s doing it for corrupt financial gain.) Nonetheless, not all Russian equipment is bad. There is no question that Soviet (and now Russian) products suffer of poor workmanship. The main reason for it is the well-known Soviet worker’s quip: “they pretend to pay us and we pretend to work.” Nonetheless, when the workmanship is improved (either because of true market incentives, state coercion, or a matter of survival), many of those products are very good. With reliable workmanship those products can take a beating and continue to function, primarily because of their simpler, no-frills, design–while many equivalent western products stop functioning or require much higher maintenance. During WWII German soldiers preferred captured PPSHs to their own submachine guns. Under tough field conditions a Russian AK-47 is much more reliable than an American M-16. And as someone who within a few years rode in both Russian and American military trucks, I can state that the Russian Kamaz trucks were far superior. The Kamazes I rode in Siberia went through terrain that would have been impossible for its American counterparts.

  7. Andres F Says:

    T.I.GO.T, There is a small relationship between growth and inflation, but you can have growth and inflation at the same time, which is what traditionally happens in Venezuela.

  8. Gringo Says:

    Ken Price: was that American City Editor named Foster?

  9. Ken Price Says:


    A good friend of mine was the Editor of “American City” magazine. During the Cold War he was invited to Moscow to give a talk to Russian “City Planners”. When he returned I inquired about his impressions. He summed it up in one short phrase: “The best is third rate”! On a trip to Russia in 1973 I few between Leningrad and Moscow on a TU-104 airliner. After that flight, I swore that I would NEVER fly on a Russian-built aircraft again.

  10. GB Says:

    Make that only a few hundred meters from the sea. They park them wingtip to wingtip at BLA out in the open…some under a carport-like structure. Haven’t seen or heard any fly in a while. Haven’t really seen the Russians (support crews?) walking around town too much either.

    After owning a Lada Niva for a short while, I have no worries about Russian technology.

    A favorite story of my southern (USA) born/raised grandmother was, back during the Cold War, she was traveling in Spain and took a hydrofoil across the Straights of Gibraltar for a day in Morocco. This hydrofoil was Soviet built and could not get up on its wing-foils. My grandmother looked at the shoddy welds and low performance and decided then and there, “We (the USA) had nothing to worry about.”…this coming from a retired kindergarten teacher.

  11. T.I.G.O.T. Says:

    “Chavez: The growth will be near above or below zero this year (Same as “destroyed” US economy?)”

    Potentially dumb question (I’m not an economist): Does the growth figure that’s regularly presented by governments take the inflation rate into account?

    As I understand it, an inflation of 30% (for all intents and purposes) means that the currency lost 30% of its value, which means that if everyone in the country does exactly the same things they did the year before, all economic numbers should be about 30% higher than the year before. So if inflation isn’t taken into account, then a 0% growth with 30% inflation would mean that all economic activities were reduced about 30% during that year.

    And even if it’s taken int account, everyone knows the Venezuelan government is lying about the inflation rate so the real growth would still be miscalculated and well into negative territory.

  12. GWEH Says:

    agreed… things are not looking good for the Bolivarians. The emergence of oppo leaders like Ledezma is all that’s missing for international community recognition and support of oppo. Venezuela will not go the way of Cuba and Iran with their authoritarianism and repression for Venezuelans know and love their freedom. Chavez is taking big risks.

  13. concerned Says:

    You can be sure that if he could, Chavez would use the U.S. sharing of the Colombian bases as an excuse to satisfy his military hardware fetish. The problem is that he has no reserves for buying major equipment and his credit rating is down. Any deals made would be so lopsided in favor of the Russian / Chinese that Venezuela would end up paying for them in some form of natural resource of real estate for decades. Another deterent against military surplus sales to Venezuela would be the negative press that party would receive following the latest FARC / Sweden / Venezuela rocket launcher fiasco. Chavez is left hanging with his broken, obsolete planes and his feable mobile units. The only use for them is his personal defense from Venezuelans within.

  14. GWEH Says:

    only two are 100%. The others fly but all have various degree of problems. Corrosion is another problem… all exhibit signs since they are only miles from the sea. Interesting to see if they buy more stuff from Russia including the reactors…..

  15. moctavio Says:

    If only 8 work, we should buy some more!

  16. GWEH Says:

    things are moving fast. they arrested many at ft. tiuna over the weekend. there was also an assasination on saturday against one of their own a GN special forces from ccs – 10 bullets to the chest. The military is in disarray. Only two of eighteen Sukhois are in operational readiness.

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