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Legalizing Chavez’ autocracy

June 6, 2003

Chavez MVR held a its meeting of the National Assembly at local park El Calvario in violation of legal procedures today and approved the changes in the law that regulates the operation of the Assembly and its debates. This shameful event makes a mockery of democracy. Even the quorum of the meeting has to be questioned as ten alternates were invited to attend to replace the principals who refused (some people, even within Chavez’ MVR still have some decency and dignity left). Moreover, since the meeting was only attended by Chavez’ supporters there is not even a way of checking that there was a quorum. The event was so blatanly illegal that even international press agencies got the story right.

What happened today was a circus aimed at distracting opinion from the true fact that this outlaw and dictatorial Government has redefined the concept of quorum to be one-third for the approval of laws in committee, which will allow it to legislate at will and foregoing the rules of democracy and decency. The opposition will ask the Supreme Court to rule the session illegal, but if it does not, Chavez will officialize that the country lives in a shameful Dicatorship. What’s next?