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Chavez’Deputies fail to approve minutes again

June 12, 2003

The MVR Deputies did not even attempt to attend the meeting of the National Assembly today and failed, once again, to approve the minutes of last week’s meeting of the National Asembly. Reportedly, they failed to convince the “Podemos” Deputies to vote with them and as many as two pro-Chavez Deputies including Luigi D’Angelo have now said they will not vote in favor of approving the minutes. The Chavista Deputies said that they did not attend because they were afraid of violence by opposition Deputies.


First Circuit Court nullifies oil workers’ firings

June 12, 2003

The First Circuit Administrative Court voided today the  Labor Ministry decision that said that oil workers were not protected by their union. This decision voids all oil firings and supposedly implies all unionized oil workers have to be hired back. This implies roughly 16,000 of the 18,000 would have to be hired back. The Court’s decision was unanimous. This Court is just below the Supreme Court and is considered to be the most reputable Court in the country even above that of the Supreme Court.