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Temporary Sanity?

June 17, 2003

The Government and the opposition approved the minutes of the National Assembly of Tuesday June 3d. unanimously with the modifications proposed by the opposition. The minutes of the sessions which the opposition considered illegal were not voted on and the Assembly is now discussing other business. Supposedly this implies those sessions never took place. This was part of an agreement reached between the opposition and the Government. I understand that MVR did not have a majority for approval leading to today’s result. Hopefully this temporary democratic sanity will prevail from now on.


The cynicism of the Vice-President

June 17, 2003

For those that missed it, the highest cynic in the land, Vice-President Jose Vicente Rangel, said yesterday in El Universal (page A-2):

“I like to provoke stupid reactions making up phrases for the enjoyment of my adversaries. I deliberately act many times to provoke. Stupidity has no limits. I tell my friends many times I am going to say this thing and I know exactly how they are going to respond. I have many hours flying”

Well, perhaps Mr. Rangel in his immense stupidity and cynicism does not realize that he is the Vice-President of Venezuela and we expect him to say the truth and act democratically. He is not running a TV show to entertain people, but is running a country. As Tal Cual says today, now that we know he lies, should we pay attention at all? Rangel also suggests there is no time for the recall referendum; we should choose not to believe him, no?