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Remember the date: On July 3d. the Government said it was on to something

July 3, 2003

The Minister of the Interior and Justice, Lucas Rincon, the same one that announced to the country that Chavez had resigned in April 2002, said today that “in the next few days we will reveal the results of the investigations into the bomb attacks against the Governor of Miranda State and reporter Marta Colomina”. He told some opposition Deputies from the National Assembly that “they already had some clues about the attacks”. We will regularly follow up on this promise. Remember the date: July 3d. 2003!

The Boston Group is at the beach!

July 3, 2003

Daniel sends in this article which reveals what nobody has said in Venezuela: The “Boston” group of National Assembly Deputies is not in Boston, they are in Nantucket. Now, I am for Deputies from both sides improving democracy, talking to each other and learning to be civil, but somehow I feel betrayed by both sides. They should be here electing an Electoral Board so that we can get out of this stupid crisis through democratic means, not in Nantucket, eating Lobster, playing softball and watching the sunsets, while we are all here being screwed by both sides! What’s the problem? They did not know what democracy was about when they were elected? They should then resign, if they have to set aside their responsabilities to learn about it four years later. Shame on them!

Rayma hits the spot

July 3, 2003

Pedro sends in this cartoonb by Rayma which says: “These are the same Cubans that gave us the course on how to fly”…..Enough said.