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Increased tensions

July 30, 2003

Just a few days away and the level of tension seems to have jumped up significantly:

-A leader of the opposition and former Governor of Tachira State gets kidnapped. The Government ignores the fact, while the pro-Chavez Governor of that State claims it is a publicity stunt.

-Chavez appears to be in campaign, the question is for what. He can’t win a recall referendum and can’t run if he resigns, so what’s up?. This week he reiterated there would be no referendum, opened a University that has no Professors at a time that there are no classes anywhere, announced it would pay pensioners the money owed them, said he would close any media outlet he felt like without it being a threat to democracy and said 200 to 300 opposition figures should be in jail for the events of April 2003. (He made no mention of whether anyone in HIS Government should be in jail for the massacre on April 11th.). He explicitly mentioned the names of the two most visble opposition leaders as people that should be in jail, even if their roles on that fateful date were minor.

-The National Assembly is once again a mess, with the agreement between the two sides violated by Chavez’ Deputies in order to introduce the Supreme Court bill and the Content bill.

-Another General, this time the Commander of the National Guard said that there should be no recall referendum. General Gutierrez is remembered as the man that repressed oil workers and his own former mates of the National Guard last December, using tear gas and excessive force. We will never forget his face and his acts.

-The Supreme Court will likely rule that it will give the Asembly ten days to name an Electoral Board or it will do it on its own. Of course, Chavez has said he no longer recognizes what he called two years ago :” The best Supreme Court in the world”.

I get the feeling things will heat up in the next month….