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Fear and lack of dignity in a single image

July 7, 2003

When Generals allow themselves to be searched so they can be close to the President, it only proves that they have lost their dignity while Chavez is now full of fear of the same people he claims still love him. Ironic or simply pitiful?

The ultimate in bad taste an uncivilized behavior

July 7, 2003

Pro-Government supporters rioted today in a very organized attack throwing rocks, screaming insults and otherwise causing havoc in the area near the center of the city. The reason? Protesting the funeral of Cardinal Velazco  who had passed away during the night and whose funeral was being held at the Cathedral in the downtown area. This is the lowest Chavez’ supporters have fallen to, but is simply a result of their training. They have been trained to despise and hate everythi ng and everyone except their wretched leader. I wonder if the People’s Ombudsman will now come out and speak well of these savages. I am outraged!

I challenge anyone to defend this despicable revolution, its revolutionaries and its leaders