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More on the new species

September 3, 2003

Local newspaper El Universal did pick up the story about the new species yesterday. They actually had a very cool picture of four of the discovered species, but I can’t find it online. Good article abput Dr. Machado who is the local Professor that made the discovery jointly with some foreign colleagues.


Chavez pressures CNE

September 3, 2003

President Hugo Chavez, the same person who a week ago was hailing the new National Electoral Council (CNE) as the referee and on Sunday called for nobody to pressure the new Electoral Body, said yesterday in Cuba that if the new CNE approves the signatures submitted by the opposition, it would be morally disqualified from organizing any election “not even in the Miss Venezuela contest”, according to the President. This happened at the same time that the Vice-President asked the Attorney General to investigate Sumate, the organization used by the opposition to coordinate the gathering of the petition. According to the Vice-President Sumate has violated the Electoral Law. This from the same man that last Saturday appeared in an illegal electoral act to back the candidacy of Minister of Infrastructure Diosdado Cabello for the Governorship of Miranda State. Venezuelan law bans someone who holds public office from running while in office or anyone to be a candidate earlier than six months before an election. There are no scheduled elections in the next six months in Venezuela for these positions.

Thus, the Government’s offensive to disqualify the referendum has begun on all fronts. Chavez even said that the recall referendum was an attempt to destabilize the country with those fake signatures. But it does not matter, even if the opposition has to go out and get the signatures again, the gathering will become an overwhelming political act in itself that will show why Chávez and his cronies are so scared of what only a year ago they were claiming was the only valid option the opposition had to get rid of Chavez.