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Injustice in the Vth. Republic

September 6, 2003


The Vth. Republic,  that fake which claims to change things, showed three cases of how the word “justice” is abused and misused under Chavez’ regime:


-The Head of the Supreme Court said this morning in a TV interview that the Constitution did not say that Chavez could not be a candidate even if his mandate was revoked. Now, let’s look at one aspect of what the Constitution which defines “absolute absence” as death …disability or a mandate recall, as possible reasons for it. Now, according to the illustrious President of the Court, nothing stops Chavez from running, well, it seems to me that if Chavez were dead, the same interpretation would say the same. He might be dead, which is an absolute absence, but he could still run, no?? Way to go Ivan Rincon, you really know your logic or your law. Who knows, maybe we could run Romulo Betancourt or Renny Ottolina for President, they are dead, but their particular “absolute” absence should not stand in the way of the well being of the country, no?


-Yesterday, the Attorney General’s office showed up at the National Electoral Commission with cops with rifles to “check” on the signatures for the petition for the consultative referendum. Now, imagine this, the Attorney General’s office is extremely diligent about checking the signatures of a referendum that will never take place, but we have yet to find out who killed or may have killed the 19 people who died on April 10th. 2002. Weird justice isn’t it? Supposedly 120 people of the more than 2 million that signed the petition  for something that will never happen stir up the Attorney General’s office into seeking “justice”, but the 19 people who died, I guess they are dead, so they canít file a formal complaint and thus their cases are hopeless or irrelevant in this “revolutionary” system.


-Finally, reporters asked Chavez’ candidate for  the Governorship of Anzoategui State Tarek William Saab if the six candidacies named by Chavez two weeks ago were not in violation of the Electoral code. His answer? Well, using “revolutionary” logic, he said that Chavez’ candidates were not campaigning, but pre-campaigning. Thus, while the opposition is being held to the highest standards, Chavez’ MVR can use new revolutionary concepts to skirt and cheat the law.


Such is the state of injustice in the Vth. Republic……