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Opposition presents draft for regulations

September 19, 2003

By preparing such a ludicrous draft of the proposed regulation for the recall referendum, the CNE has lost a lot of credibility and the draft, which contained numerours violations of the law has been deemed “useless” by the opposition. The democratic coordinator presented today a very simple set of regulations with fifteen articles which it wants to become the starting point of the new discussion in the CNE next Tuesday. This puts the CNE on the spot and may help discard most of the previous proposal.

Daniel shows Chavez’ economic failure

September 19, 2003

Daniel of Danielnews has prepared a power point presentation with the main economic numbers of the Chavez era, demonstarting the failure of his policies in a very simple and straightforward way. .

Explosion in honor guard headquarters

September 19, 2003

A very strong explosion shook the headquarters of the honor guard that is supposed to be in charge of the President’s security. Fortunately there were no damages to people. Equally fortunate was that fact that so far the Government has not blamed the opposition for the bomb. For me, it is quite difficult to understand how this could have happened, the headquarters of the honor guard is next to the Presidential Palace and the whole area is surrounded by soldiers, guards, armored vehicles and blockades. According to the Minister of Inetrior and Justice it was “thrown” by people that got on top of a garbage can. Some security…….

Getting ready to cheat in the elections?

September 19, 2003

The Head of the “Tactical Command of the Revolution” Guillermo Garcia Ponce, proposed today that the participation of international organizations as observers in electoral processes in Venezuela be regulated. He said: ” This is due to the fact that given the Venezuelan political situation the interference  by foreign countries or covert organizations would, if they were given the character of participants, an inadmisible interference in Venezuelan politics”. Now, given that this comes after a sharp attack on the US Ambassador’s visit to the Electoral Board two weeks ago, makes me think that the Chavez Government itself plans to interfere with the upcoming referendum and does not want to have any foreign observers present.

I have a very simple proposal to resolve the issue: Let’s give these international observers the same rights, facilities and regulatory framework than the more than 5,000 Cuban advisers that are presently in Venezuela including Chavez’ bodyguards, “sports’ instructors, medical doctors and the like. That would be fair, wouldn’t it?

Did Chavez chicken out?

September 19, 2003


Reportedly Hugo Chavez cancelled his visit to the US, because he was afraid he might be subpoenaed for the trial against him brought by the victims of the April 11th. march (see article right below). Chavez, who relishes these trips, was going to visit the UN and everything was ready for it. However, someone warned the President that he could be subpoenaed. Chavez has been accused in a Florida Court of violating the rights of those killed and injured that day, based on the fact that the military plan activated ahd already been banned by an International Court.

El Llaguno shooters declared innocent

September 19, 2003


The pictures above, which I have taken from Carlanga’s website, were taken last year on April 11th. This is a bridge called El Llaguno in downtown Caracas. A peaceful and unarmed opposition march was going under this bridge and these people began shooting and they were 19 deaths and over one hundred injured, it is all on tape, these are frames from a movie shown then live on TV. Some of those shooting were identified and brought to trial (It was not that simple, one judge freed them and the Supreme Court had to order them jail at one point). By the way two of the three on trial were officials of the Libertador Municipality representing Chavez’ MVR party.

Night before last, a judge declare these shooters .I understand the prosecutor is going to appeal, but only because the decision questioned his work. He also believed they were innocent. The judge’s argument? This was legitimate Defense and they were “under a state of necessity” and the accusation was “weak”. This is justice in the Vth. Republic.