US News and World Report journalist defends her article

October 3, 2003


While the Government continues to deny the allegations of the recent article in US News and World Reports linking Chavez’ Government to terrorism, the author of that article, Linda Robinson, has been on the offensive defending her sources and the quality of her information. In both an interview with local radio station Union Radio and a debate in Colombia’s Radio Caracol, Robinson has been saying that her sources come both from the US Government and the Venezuelan Government. Both the Vice-President and the Minister of Foreign Relations made statements on the issue, dismissing the accusations. In the debate in Radio Caracol, Robinson together with a Colombian official forced MVR Deputy Tarek William Saab to shut up. Saab tried to defend Chavez actions on terrorism, but the Colombian official was clearly well informed. All of the cases cited by Saab to defend the Government, were ones in which a public outcry or a foreign Government forced the administration to act. Robinson is emphasizing the fact that she was skeptical when she began because there have been many false accusations, but that she spent months gathering the evidence that backs the article.

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