Why the revolution has no scruples

October 3, 2003


Some people have a very hard time understanding what Chavez and his cohorts want to do and why. The reason is remarkably simple, these people have no ethics, morals or scruples. This was proven today in a report in Ultimas Noticias (free if you register) on what pro-Chavez Constitutional lawyer Carlos Escarra said in a forum on the media and the recall referendum:


“The recall referendum will not happen, because we don’t want it to happen. Here we have a population that does not want it.


“The idea is to gain time and to that end we will question every signature that backs the recall”


“We will fight, so that the YES vote favors Chávez”


“He believes that the presence of Bolivarian circles will intimidate the people”


“In his opinion, the vote will take place whenever the Government wants”


But the most immoral part was:


He discarded the possibility of calling for elections if Chavez loses. In that case (after Aug. 19th) the Vice-President will assume the position, he in turn would name Chavez to his position (Vice-Presidency), he would then resign and Chavez would assume the Presidency.  (This is all strictly correct)


And you thought Al Capone was a con man!!!!!!

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