Rats jumping ship…….

October 7, 2003


Three more weird events:


-The Venezuelan Supreme Court ordered the Ministry of Defense to withdraw the military personnel from the Metropolitan Police facilities that have been occupied since last year during the general strike. The Court “ordered” that within 15 days a weapons inventory be performed. It also “ordered” the Director of the police to let the Court know within seven days if the telecommunications system of the police is working properly. It also ordered the Vice-Minister of Security and Defense to hold a meeting of the Security Council (which seldom meets) and “orders” all of its members to attend.


-The Governor of Bolivar State, a former Chavez supporter, declared himself an independent yesterday and guaranteed that the recall referendum will not be interfered with in his State. (Sorry, I meant to report this yesterday, but I belong to the sect of Red Sox fans who has been watching the games closely and was exhausted by the action in Oakland)


-The Attorney General introduced a request for the Venezuelan Supreme Court to look into overturning the case of the Puente El LLaguno shooters, saying a “great injustice” has been committed.


Are rats jumping ship already?


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