Efficiency, violence and dictatorships

October 31, 2003

Descifrado publishes a report which quotes a source that agrees in every detail with my brother’s Alfredo views on the fact that Dictatorships need to be efficient:

“The Government has no way of implementing a violent plan, says an analyst that prefers to remain anonymous, beacuse this implies organization and capabilities. Those who are afraid of a Chavez dictatorship have to be reminded that dictatorships have to be more efficient than democracies, because they need more capability of control, a capability that this Government can not execute. If you can not even manage a hospital , how are they going to manage the strictness that a dictaorship implies? Least of all in this time of information technology, whose control is essential to maintain a dictatorial regime……”. Hope they are right, although I already believe I live in a veiled dictatorship.

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