Take advantage of it ladies and gentleman, the 15th., the 15th.!

August 5, 2004

My friend and faithful reader Maruja wrote this article in today’s El Universal and I simply could not resist translating it, it combines the seriousness of the situation we are in with the light side that every day should have:


Take advantage of it ladies and gentleman, the 15th., the 15th.!


By Maruja Lander de Muci


I can’t stand it! I am counting the days for the famous August 15th.!That day I am going to have a banquet and I am going to take advantage of it and revoke a lot of people, dead and alive. Beginning obviously with the most obscene assasin of our hopes, thief of the future, compulsive liar, the most perverse personality that has stepped on these lands in the last one thousand years: The un-namable. With him I am going to revoke that bunch of dead people that accompany him, Bolivar and company, we have to return them to their tomb and let them rest in peace, we need to forget about them and understand that those times are nothing like the present we are living and even less like the future we want. The dead ones have no place here today, no more heroic dizziness please!


That day, with my forceful and secret “SI”, I am also going to revoke a bunch of opportunists from the IVth. that lately have been stealing the show and stretching their necks to jump on any podium around. They think that these thousands of anonymous heroes that have marched risking their lives are dumb and we have no memory; they are the ones that are the dumb ones that have yet to understand that the rallying cry that mobilizes us is nor Chavez, nor a jump backwards, I revoke all of those people, Yupii!


As a society we have this golden opportunity to straighten out this terrible mess and we can not waste it, that day the appointment is a date with our future, a sort of new beginning that we can even apply to our own personal life. Take advantage of it Madam, take advantage of it Mister, revoke your couple if you decided you can’t stand it anymore, revoke the butcher that cheats on you, the neighbour that looks at you funny, the mother in law that torments you, the son in law that makes your daughter suffer, take advantage of the 15th. to put some order in your life and that of Venezuela!

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