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August 9, 2004

Not everyone reads the comments, below two posts that I thought worth taking out and posting here:

-He has given truth a phrase uttered by Abraham Lincoln “a house divided against itself cannot stand.” Where there is division within a house sooner or later it will topple like a house built from a deck of cards. Where there is hatred and enmity instead of love and cooperation there is no progress. Venezuelans, for the most part, have learned this lesson by paying a dear price.



-A dear price that hopefully will be an “eye-opener” to all. A dear price that will leave a scar, hard to conceal, but easier to forget and keep marching ahead. There will be a huge gap betwen those sisters and brothers turned enemies because one manís has chiseled the stone-hard comraderie that used to exist in Venezuela, those neighbors who hate the “si” ones, the nephews, like me, who hasnít called the dear aunt in years because she is a chavista and she hates oligarcas, and now I am one because I live in USA. A dear price that will hurt venezuelans for years to come, but will not be forever.


Alexander Calderon


-Similar sad feelings can be found in this post (in Spanish) by Topocho:


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