More violence today

August 11, 2004

More violence today, as Chavista thugs blocked opposition supporters from setting up a stand in Bolivar Square in dowtown Caracas. A foreign press photogarpher was taking pictures of the attack and some of the Chavistas with hoods on starting punching him and took him away, kidnapping him. He was later found nearby. he is injured and has been taken to a Hospital. There was also an attack on Globovision reporters near the building that houses the Vice-President’s office.. After the attacks, Chavez ,who has not been seen since Sunday, and did not participate in scheduled campaign events, has invited foreign reporters to a press conference tomorrow. (No Venezuelan ones invited). Below the photographer as he was attacked and taken away.

Note added: While the Venezuelan press keeps saying that the photographer was a foreign reporter, Spanish newspaper El Mundo says he was a tourist that was thinking of sending the pictures to a newspaper in Catalunya.

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