Security Zone concept revived by the Minister of Defense

August 11, 2004

And now the Minister of Defense says the opposition has not received a permit to have tomorrow’s rally/march near the La Carlota military airport. The opposition has requested permits from the Mayors of Caracas, Baruta and Chacao where the marches will take place, but the Minister is reviving the concept of security zones, which has not been applied to any Government or opposition marches or activities in the last two years. (Last week’s Chavista march parked buses in at least two such “security” zones). In fact, none of the pro-Chavez marches that went by the Autopista del Este and La Carlota airport have been required such a permit. I wonder what our illustrious Minister plans to do about this? Bring the National Guard and use tear gas like they did on December 3d. 2001? Violate our rights like they did then? Obviously not, the Si campaign would get a huge boost from it and there are too many international reporters in Caracas right now. Come on Minister Garcia Carneiro, make our day!

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