Closing oppositon rally, campaigning is over at midnight

August 12, 2004

The opposition closed its campaign today with six marches and a rally ending in the same point. It was very impressive. The mood was festive, happy, joyful and enthusiastic. I don’t want to get into an argument about size or if it matters, but it was HUGE. At somepoint I just moved according to the flow of people around me without being able to determine where I was going. It was hot, fun and I think it made everyone happy. Usually, it is hard for me to be within a march or rally and be able to take pictures even attempting to show how big it was. But here are four pictures, three of which attempt to do that, I actually had to work for these. I am tired, but in about an hour of two I will put up a selection of people’s pictures. I took lots, stay tuned! Great rally. The die is cast!

Top left: This is from a midpoint between the stage and the back of the march looking towards the back as far as I could see. Right: same shot but looking left, the stage is out of the picture further to the left.

Bottom Left: This is taken from the back of the stage, it was crowded there too. Bottom right: Personalities to the left of the stage. The sign says: Barinas (Chavez’ state) asks Venezuela for forgiveness.

Check out Daniel’s blog for a great overview of the march

Wonderful panoramic’s of the march in pepemora

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