August 15, 2004

With the slow lines inching along faster now that the fingerprint machines are only used after people have voted, the concern become whether the opposition will reach the required 3.75 million votes. At this time all of the problems have been such that we are not close. In one hour night will set in and with cops in their headquarters many may decide to leave the long lines and go home for safety. Where my vote was cast, mine was like number 1200 in a school with 3800 voters it will get to 1900 but it is wor se in other sections. The opposition always said the fingerprint nachines should not be used. The Government insisted. One hundred million dollars were spent in making life difficult for voters without reason. That is not the role of an Electoral Board. Politically, it woukd be very unstable to beat Chavez handily and not reach 3.7 million.


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