More on the Altamira killings

August 17, 2004

Yesterday a group of Venezuelans from the opposition was holding a protest in Plaza Altamira, when a caravan of Chavistas went by, began arguing with the protesters and suddenly began shooting. Eight people were injured and one lady died from the shooting. Alexandra Beech who is visiting, happened to be in Plaza Altamira when this happened, read her report. Chavez blamed the opposition for the violence and even suggested that Globovision happens to be always in the right place. Well, obviously he was badly informed, the video did not come from Globovision. In fact, there are many.

Hopefully, this will not be another case of impunity. The pictures are clear, Globovision even showed on of the individuals in a different pro-Chavez rally. The police have to find these people and convict them. No more impunity. Below all of the pictures, in all their horror and shocking reality.


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