Big mouth Chacon

August 31, 2004

I wonder how many countries the Minister of the Interior and Justice Jesse Chacon insulted with this beauty:

“We are in the midst of the XXIst. Century. No country that respects itself votes manually”


This not only show ignorance, not that many countries actually use electronic voting, but fails to understand that the cost of electronic vote is quite significant and not that many countries can afford to have it. Venezuela, a poor country, has had the luxury of purchasing two distinct electronic voting systems and a useless fingerprint capture system in less than eight years. Despite this, Venezuelans spent in the last election more than five hours on the average voting and there is no confidence on the system used. This simply shows that how you implement systems is as important as the systems itself.


The US$ 400 million spent on these systems would have allowed the Government to purchase a cheap PC for almost every student in the Venezuelan school system. Not that I am advocating this necessarily, just putting it into perspective what the amount means and how these big mouth public officers are so arrogant they don’t even think about what they say.

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