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CNE laughs at opposition again

October 9, 2004


CNE Directors Carrasquero and Rodriguez in separate (here and here) statements, laugh at us and take us for fools on the issue of voters with no addresses. Maybe they are right, we were quite foolish on everything we accepted on the day of the recall vote and the weeks leading to it, but their sheer arrogance on this issue is just incredible. They want to turn the problem of 1.8 million voters without addresses in the electoral registry into an issue of social justice and compassion, arguing that these people have a right to vote even if their houses have no proper address. This is simply not the issue at all and shows their actual ignorance about the reality of life in the barrios when they want to turn the controversy into whether barrios have proper addresses or not.


The truth is that even the poorest barrios do have a system of addresses, it may not be Manhattan and it may be complicated, but barrios have calles, veredas, senderos, sectores, parcelas,  carreras and dozens of complicated nomenclatures that do lead to where people live. This is not a case of incomplete addresses it is a case of NO addresses which violates the electoral law that requires it, mostly as a way of insuring that political parties do not move voters across municipalities and even states in order to manipulate the outcome of elections.


The charge by Carrasquero and Rodriguez is so ridiculous, that in the Chacao municipality of Caracas, where the barrios are quite well established and have well defined addresses, 40% of new voters do not have an address in their registration. The total numbers are 2.11 million new voters out of which 1.73 million have no address in their registration. In some states, the total number of new voters without addresses reaches 99% and yes, the accusation is that many of these voters do not even exist.


Meanwhile while Carrasquero and Rodriguez are so careless about something that is explicitly stated in the electoral law, the CNE President signed a letter to the Coordinadora Democrática saying that they will simply not hand over any of the information requested about the recall vote on August 15th. including the notebooks that could be used to check if the number of voters per machine equals that of the notebooks. The argument is that they “tacitly renounced to that right” when they asked that the process be declared invalid. Thus, the CNE refuses to hand over data, when Venezuelan legislation grants the citizens the right to public data, using a convoluted legal argument. Thus, legality becomes for Carrasquero, who is a lawyer, something to be used if convenient and ignored if it fails to fit his political purposes and he laughs at us again.  


They keep laughing at us, but we keep trying…should we?