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Some Venezuelan news from today and yesterday

October 19, 2004

My brain has recovered from the translation of the fraud report and I have to do justice to these stories some of which are at the borderline between being news and being stale news.

–So, at last Baruta Mayor Henrique Capriles Radonsky gets full freedom after his case was manipulated right and left by the Prosecutor’s hatchet man Danilo Anderson. Despite the  existence of videos showing that Capriles was actually trying to appease the crowd and was there in response to the Cuban’s Ambassador call, Anderson managed to find sufficient judges chosen with the randomness that characterizes this administration, to actually keep Capriles in jail fro months. The decisions against him were so outrageous that the Appeals Court sentenced that even the crime he was charged with were not of a penal nature. But nevertheless Capriles spent his time in jail to please the Cuban Ambassador and the testimony of the Norwegian Ambassador was not even admitted in Court.


–Meanwhile, the President of the CNE, who has never hidden his partiality to the Government comes out and says that the Supreme Court should investigate the statements by CNE Director Sobella Mejias because: “she strayed from her mission based on impartiality”. Interesting given that her accusation two days ago was basically a list of laws that have been violated by CNE Director Jorge Rodriguez. Mejias snapped back today saying she will not be intimidated and pointing out that the CNE Directors have violated all of the timetables established by the law. She noted that in contrast to the other CNE Directors, her acts as a CNE Directors have been directed at protecting the rights of all voters. She actually read the laws as she spoke to demonstrate what specific articles had been violated.


–Somewhere else, hatchetman/Prosecutor Anderson began charging people with rebellion fro going to the Presidential Palace on April 12th. 2002 and signing the Carmona decree, but has not even called to testify the General who appeared on TV that night saying that Chavez had resigned. This General could add some light on the issue of rebellion, after all, if he had not said Chavez had resigned nothing would have happened. In fact, after he said that, Chávez left the Presidential Palace. So, why hasn’t General Lucas Rincon been charged with rebellion also? Why was he rewarded with the Ministry of Interior and Justice after Chavez came back? Easy, this is another example of political persecution of the regime’s enemies.


–In the US, the President of the National Endowment for Democracy Carl Gersham defends the NED’s grant to Sumate saying (WSJ, by subscription): “We consider the idea that the NED is an instrument to achieve regime change against governments that the U.S. doesn’t like to be a scurrilous charge. For 20 years we have been making some 700 grants annually and we make small grants to groups like Súmate in some 80 countries.”


–On other news, President Hugo Chavez denounced for 57th. time  (or is it the 157th. time?) on Sunday that unknown, unidentified and phantom groups are ready to try to kill him. This has become a recurrent theme with Chavez and these incompetent groups have yet to even try anything. Today we are enlightened by Minister of the Interior Chacon who charges:”A group of Chavez’ opposers who are looking to kill him have sought refuge in Colombia” “There are some elements that we presume are here, others have left and are in Colombia”. The Minister has failed to indicate who these “gentlemen” as he calls them are, why they are going in the opposite direction or why if they know so much, they have not arrested them.