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Of dignity and the small men of the revolution

October 20, 2004

When CNE President Carrasquero spoke yesterday on TV, I could only wonder how mediocre people like him get to such positions and whether they truly believe they are fooling anyone. For Carrasquero to accuse CNE Director Mejias of being “partial” has to be one of the most laughable and ridiculous accusations you could ever hear. Yes, Mejias has never hidden her sympathies for the opposition, but you could never accuse her of voting with a bias position in favor of the opposition. But you can accuse Carrasquero of doing it.

In fact Carrasquero, who was supposed to be the impartial vote in the CNE, always voted with a 3-2 majority in split decision and not once, did he vote with the two pro-opposition Directors in any decision. Moreover, Carrasquero not only voted in every single instance to create huge obstacles for the petition to have a recall against Hugo Chavez’ mandate, but as President of the CNE barred the two opposition Directors from going into the totalization room the fateful night of the recall vote.


In fact, Carrasquero has been part of some of the sorriest moments I have ever seen, such as arguing that resigning CNE Director was doing it for reasons “different” than the ones he argued publicly, while calling himself his friend, which Zamora immediately denied, reiterating his original reasons. The same happened yesterday when asked the Venezuelan Supreme Court to investigate Director Mejias. But all Mejias did was to point out in detail all of the violations of the law by the other pro-Chávez Jorge Rodríguez, regulations in law in hand to prove her point.


The amazing thing is that it is Carrasquero who is the lawyer, the former law Professor, Dean of the Law school who used to preach about upholding the law, but who now finds his former students burning his law books in protest over his behavior.


It was law Professor Carrasquero who allowed party-hack Jorge Rodriguez to become the true and visible head of the CNE. Who allowed Rodriguez to sign voting machines and fingerprint contracts violating Venezuelan laws. Who as President of the CNE never replied to the CD’s request to hold an audit on August 18th. in which 50 boxes would be chosen by the CD, despite a law in Venezuelan known as “La LOPA” who punishes the lack pf response for such requests and imposes very precise limits on how long a Government official has to respond. It was Carrasquero who allowed the Electoral registry to be open days before the recall vote, violating Venezuela’s law that says no election can be held until 90 days after the Registry has been closed. And he is doing it again. The man who swore to uphold the law is now attempting to hold an election only six weeks after the registry was still open.


Never has Carrasquero looked worse than yesterday trying to minimize an accusation by the opposition that he clearly never even understood. When Chacao Mayor explained today that the work the opposition had done involved going to check where these 1.8 million new voters were and finding I his own municipality over 22 thousand people who nobody knows where they live, even if they have an address, or the 145 people in a Falcon municipality who all live in the same address where nobody knows them. In closing, Lopez asked Carrasquero where was the reasonable doubt used in the petition drive and note that they had made their presentation of how thousands of Colombians had been nationalized without proof that they even have ever lived in Venezuela. Lopez reminded Carrasquero: “ it is not only us that make this accusation, but we ratify the one made by Colombian Foreign Minister Barco”. So much for the sovereignty and nationalist pride of the revolution!


It makes you wonder how men like Carrasquero can live with themselves. The same man who Chavez removed as Head of Rafael Urdaneta University in his Sunday radio program as Carrasquero listened and found out about it. How do such mediocre men, leave their dignity aside to serve someone else who may tomorrow laugh at them, dispense with them and remove them without a word.


These are the small-brained, mediocre men who think that holding a politically appointed position is a goal in itself. The ones that think that the regime will live forever. That they will be remembered, except if they ever are, it will be for their weaknesses and vindictive behavior. A clone for the Peoples’ Ombudsman. A twin for the Attorney General. Another dispensable soldier of the revolution, useful as long as he is willing to leave his dignity aside to lie and violate the rights of others, in the name of the revolution.