Censorship Rehearsal?

November 30, 2004

Teodoro Petkoff in today’s Tal Cual tells his personal experience with Government censorship recently.

Basically the Government’s cultural office asked him to give an opinion for the Government’s TV station about Portuguese Nobel Prize winner Jose Saramago. Petkoff warned that he would praise Saramago the writer and criticize Saramago the politician and asked if they still wanted his opinion. He was told this was fine. He then requested that his comments be shown in full and not be cut in any way. He was told this would not happen.


About the writer, Petkoff issued a comment praising him, emphasizing two of his works. About the politician, Petkoff said that it did not seem to show much “clarity” for someone who at this stage of the century confessed to be a member of the Portuguese Communist party, the most partisan, obtuse and Stalinist of all communist parties. His second point was that it did not appear to have much “vision” someone that took 45 years and only facing the unjustifiable death by firing squad of three people trying to space, to say he no longer supported the Cuban regime.


Well, the first time was shown, the second one was cut. As Petkoff says, they were apparently rehearsing for censorship under the new media law.

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