Chapucerias (Stupidities?) by Teodoro Petkoff

November 30, 2004

Another one from today’s Tal Cual by Petkoff related to what I wrote last night

Diosdado Cabello says today that the media is trying to make Danilo Anderson’s debt a banal event, attempting to make it look that the ¨supposed violations¨ of human rights are more important than the death of the Prosecutor itself. The last actions by the police completely contradict Cabello.


What sense can it have to raid the Hebraica Club and School_ In whose head can it fit that in a center of this nature the political police has something to search for? In fact, they found nothing and they did not need to enter it to know that they would find nothing. Is it stupidity coming from a police chief without much criteria? Hard to believe. To raid Hebraica has a political connotation that is too evident and the decision to do it had to come from the highest levels of authority. Do they pretend, perhaps, to insinuate that being a Jewish institution there could be a connection to Israel’s Mossad or to Anderson’s murder? If they believe it, they should say it frontally rather than attack the whole Jewish community with a police procedure which is completely unjustifiable, besides being unnecessary. The truth is that it is the Government itself that is making Anderson’s death banal with all of the stupidities that it is committing at each step of the investigation. It is clear that a police investigation implies searching and detaining suspects and raiding homes, etc. Sometimes even it may happen that certain formalities are not completely covered. This would be tolerable if they were explained well and they asked for forgiveness. But the case of the three Guevara brothers enters in the realm of police procedures that are anything but banal. All three were detained in Caracas and days later they “showed up” in Valencia and Araure under very strange circumstances. Juan Bautista Guevara, spectacularly detained on November 20th, in the presence of numerous witnesses and his own wife, incommunicado since then, but announcing that he was being interrogated, “appears” yesterday in a Motel in Araure and is once again “detained”. Jesse Chacon says he knows nothing about him and Isaias Rodriguez contradicts himself, telling us, once, that he was being interrogated by the police and, later, denying it. This very doubtful behavior on the part of the police does nothing but take away from the credibility of the investigations that are being advanced.

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