Rewriting History by Elizabeth Araujo

December 7, 2004

This article from Elizabeth Araujo in todayís Tal Cual should be called History Backwards or the History that never was, but beautifully makes the point of what is so wrong about what is happening in Venezuela


Rewriting History by Elizabeth Araujo


I saw on TV Lazaro Forero and Henry Vivas shooting against the crowd on April 11th. 2002.


 Remember Venevision showing the video that went around the world and served as a key piece in Judge Anabel Rodriguez qualifying without delay the charges against these police Captains for homicide. I just can not forget that afternoon when then Governor Mendoza, desperate, called on his cell phone one of his Mayors and asked him to invite the barrios so that they would come down with stones, guns and sticks in order to defend the counter revolution, and that night general Rosendo, in a cheap CIA trick, addressed the nation to inform that given the events of the day they had asked the President to reign, which eh had accepted.


I remember how William Lara and Diosdado Cabello stood, unarmed, in Avenida Urdaneta, challenging the coupsters and none of those cowards dared touch them; as certain as Jose Vicente Rangel swore the next day to El Nacional, that he would not recognize the fascist Government and he would be taken dead from his home, before surrendering.


That we know. It is them, civil society, that marches destroying on its path the kiosks and ornaments at the squares. I have seen Julio Borges burping with a beer in his hand, Pompeyo laughing at the Editors, recommending to them that they stick their media in their pockets, Gerardo Blyde changing at will the internal regulations of the National Assembly to approve bills ordered by Bush and I am sure that opposition youngsters go at night to the barrios to spread the garbage in the streets and make Freddy Bernalís management impossible.


What can you do with the people that invented the Fort Mara fire, the secret meetings with FARC, that places people in the 23 de Enero buildings and shoots against the Metropolitan Police to blame the pacifist NGO the Tupamaros. Those that send criminals to hit Deputy Rafael Marin with an iron beam and then say Lina Ron sent them; that disguise themselves in Mision Robinson t shirts and destroy the Columbus statue, that incite their own to invade farms and buildings and then accuse them of being Chavistas, that hit militants of the process in Bolivar square or insult TV reporters to tell the world that in Venezuela there is no freedom of speech. These are the facts that we have to preserve in the memory of the new generations so that they know their reality and donít back down to the mediatic inventions in their insistence for confusing the most important facts of this nascent revolution.


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