Carlos Herrera detained, he knows too much

December 20, 2004

Citycouncilam Carlos Herrera says he was detained on his way to meet with the Attroney General. He says his house is being searched looking for documents or more likely to plant them. He was detained when he was quite close to the Attorney General’s Office. Herrera, a pro-Chavez politician, called much maligned “opposition” TV station Globovison to describe his plight.

The investigative police on the other hand, denied that he has been detained, saying that the cops were simply carrying out an order to take him to the investigative police to be interviewed.


I have heard similar arguments before. Do you remember Silvino? He was just being watched. Will Herrera become another Silvino?


After one month not even looking for Herrera, they catch him right before he talks to the Attorney General…He obviously knows too much. Take your pick: Orwell or Goebbels!


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