Illegal land grab by the puppets continues

December 29, 2004

Many thought there would at least be political calm after Chavez’ victory in the recall vote and the regional elections. No such luck, that is simply not the style. Chavez thrives on conflict, on pushing people to see how far he may go. When the Governor of Cojedes decreed the intervention of some farms in that state, many thought it was another footnote in the revolution, something even reasonable. I didn’t. That is simply not the style, Chavez was in China when this happened, but few of these Governors act alone or even have a mind of their own, they are puppets who only follow orders.

All of this was proven by the press conference given yesterday by the Governor of Cojedes Yanez Rangel (I have problems writing his first name: Johnny) and by the decree by Monagas Governor Briceño yesterday.


The press conference was an exercise in intellectual inconsistency with the Governor saying first that there is a legal limbo which led him to issue the now infamous decrees, which he followed by saying that social justice can not be sacrificed in the name of legal formalities. As if this was not enough, he then said: “we don’t want to run over anyone, we are not expropriating, we are appealing to intervention which implies the use of the force we have to resolve the situation”. So, we clarify the law issuing decrees, but the law is irrelevant and we have force to intervene. I see, very clear puppet Johnny, very clear.


As if to prove my point, Johnny then proceeded to say that Chavez approved the intervention directly from Beijing and the Governor received a few calls from the President “on this subject matter” while holding the press conference, making it very clear who was pulling the puppet’s strings. What’s next, a ventriloquist so that Chavez can speak for the Governor?


The Governor also said the decree had already had an effect since the owners of Hato Piñero had offered to give the Governor 18,000 Hectares to improve the state. This was later told differently by the owners of that farm, who said that they had offered 10,000 Hectares from their land in order to help solve the problem. For those of you who may not know, Hato Piñero is 140,000 acre private nature preserve created decades ago. The Branger family raises cattle and hosts small groups for bird watching and animal watching in the farm. (You can read what US newspapers say about it here). Hunting is not allowed in Hato Piñero and there is a biological station within the farm. Sounds to me like they should be given land, rather than take it away.


Yesterday, the Governor of Monagas state Jose Gregorio Briceño issued his own decree intervening 50,000 hectares of unused land turning that state into “the second state that follows the orientations of President Hugo Chávez” 


Thus, these Governors invoke the laws while decree illegal interventions, while recognizing they have no legal jurisdiction under the Land Bill to do what they are doing, but social imperatives and their puppet master force them to do it. What’s next in the anarchy of this empty revolution?

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