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Weather creating havoc in various parts of Venezuela

February 12, 2005

While problems in the Coastal region near Caracas are getting less severe, the same can not be said of the Andean region and the state of Falcon in Western Venezuela. Particularly affected was the region of Merida, where it is feared as many as 150 people may be dead. Separately the town of El Tocuyo in Falcon state is being evacuated. Unfortunately, the weather conditions in those regions are deteriorating so that things are actually getting worse, not better. It is currently impossible to fly helicopters into the Andean region to aid in the rescue, as usual members of the Government skirt responsibility by using excuses for the problems in Vargas state. This time around, the Minister of Defense blamed the oil strike for the slow reconstruction in Vargas State. But the truth is the emergency continues and there are predictions that the coastal region may be hit again.