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Random thoughts (and a picture!) over a very succesful post

February 27, 2005

Well, I must say I am absolutely amazed at the attention to my post Friday on the Tarek William Saab and how they faked the poster to take it look denser. Of course, it helped that a blog named littlegreenfootballs linked to it by saying “The revolution will be photoshopped”. You see littlegreenfootballs (lgf) is a well known blog which gets around 100,000 visitors a day, some of which saw the post and came over to see what this was all about (There were close to 6,000 visitors to the Devil yesterday). Interestingly enough, lgf did not reproduce the picture which I think was one key to the success of the post. I than the reader who sent it, all I did was use Photoshop to clearly prove the point.

Over the lifetime of this blog I have come to learn the meaning of “A picture is worth 10,000 words” or whatever number the true Chinese proverb uses. In October 2002, traffic to this blog started to pick up to what I then thought was an outstanding 200 visitors a day, when I began posting pictures of marches and demonstrations.


A picture is always more powerful than words. I can talk about the shenanigans of the new Supreme Court Justice in his last few days at the Electoral Board, or try to explain that Chavez announced today that the new interest rate for mortgages will be below 6%, in a country with 20% rates, but it is hard to beat the impact of a picture or a video showing unethical behavior. Maybe that was the problem with the recall vote; we just never managed to get a picture good enough to show people what was going on. I can explain, for example, that nothing was done in many places in Vargas after the 1999 flooding, but if I show you this picture of the Vargas town of Carmen de Uria two weeks ago, after the recent rains, it gives a more powerful statement that absolutely nothing was accomplished in some places. This is the place where Chavez said he would build parks, a spa and a beach.




The fact is we had some very damaging pictures. I spent about a month trying to get a copy of the video taped at a “phantom” center at the Universidad Bolivariana where supposedly the referendum data was interfered and processed. I saw the video and it had a picture of every single piece of equipment, model, brand name and even serial number. It would have been good stuff to have experts look at via the Internet and tell us what that equipment was good for.


But as with so many things with the opposition, despite continued promises that I would get it, nothing was ever done. Maybe it would have had a huge impact.


But the Tarek Photoshop post remains my top post, something I simply did not expect. I thought it was cute, but not as impacting as so many things that have happen here or happen regularly. Despite that, not only did lgl link to it, but also notiven, noticierodigital, americanthinker, hayekcenter, barcepundit, vcrisis, Daniel (of Course!), venezuelatoday (Could not miss it!),  old friend blogging friend secular blasphemy, blognorregis, publisupundit, raianr, chrismowder and last but not least Democracy Project. This last one actually had a post showing that the Chavez revolution is not alone at taking unethical advantage of Photoshop, but at the University of Wisconsin there was a similar attempt to manipulate pictures to obtain a benefit. In that case, the picture of a minority student was inserted into a crowd of cheering students at a football game to make the campus look more diverse. The picture was to be used on the cover of the new freshman application. .


The lessons for bloggers out there is think graphical! If you don’t make heavy use of pictures, drawings graphs, try to do it and see if it helps draw more visitors.


Ah yes, I am glad the post had so many visitors, but it also makes me just as happy to be mentioned in this post at rantburg, entitled “Carter up to no good in Venezuela”. You see, in the end I wish that as many people had read my article about the Carter Center report as they saw the photo shopped poster. But I guess, you can’t win them all!


(In fact, my Orchids section which is practically all pictures gets quite a few visits, so you may want to go see it, since I posted today pictures of four new flowers)

Flowering getting strong

February 27, 2005

Catlleya Gaskelliana Mimi x Aida  (Venezuela)                    Cattleya Intermedia (Brazil) Nice one!

Two huge Cattleya Lueddemaniana’s Arturo x Maruja Venezuelan species

Cattleya Luddemaniana Mariauxi x Ignacio Very good shape, first flowering