Some thoughts from a lazy ghost blogger

June 18, 2005

Dear readers,

It is now becoming a de-facto superstition that every time
the titular bloggers go away, something happens so that this lazy ghost blogger
has to leave his laziness at home and start reporting. I really hope that this
time is the exception. As I have previously mentioned here, the pay and the
working conditions are bad, really bad, and they have not improved despite my increasing
work experience.

So keep your expectations very low; do not expect any
brilliant and dynamic ghosting during this period. I suspect that Miguel does it on purpose so
that you will all give him a hero’s welcome when he comes back.

I do not pretend to excuse my laziness but, since my last
ghost tenure, the job has become much more difficult. Some things have been
changed in my favorite government site. I am in fact quite disappointed that
the minci guys decided to remove their “notas en positivo” section from their
web page. How do they expect me to do a good ghost blogging job without their positive
notes? It was my favorite section because I could easily report all the
government’s good news, such as the ones on Chavez’s
, MVR personnel coming up North or the government
arming peasants
. Don’t they like that? And I did it for free! I am appalled and puzzled that they have removed
the notes from their site and I am seriously thinking on starting a signature
campaign to ask Minister Izarra to reinstate that section.

OK, OK, I heard
you….I will request Jorge Rodriguez to double check the signatures. I promise.

Jorge Arena.

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