Announcement: Eva Golinger Comes to Chicago!

June 20, 2005

I just learned from the comments section that Eva Golinger
is going to participate  in the ALA  (American
Library Association)
annual conference in Chicago.


is the link
announcing her conference that will be presented in the
“Destabilization, Disinformation, and Libraries” session sponsored by the
Social Responsibilities Round Table of ALA and by the Progressive Librarians


The announcement specifies the time and the contact person:

“The program will be held at the
Sheraton Chicago Hotel & Towers, Sheraton Ballroom I,
1:30-3:30 p.m. For more information about the program, to
request press access, or to arrange an interview with Eva Golinger, please
contact Tom Twiss,, (412)

So, if you live in the Chicago
area or know someone who does, pass on the information. Also check if your
librarian friends are attending the meeting.


Keep us posted.


[thanks to Kensey and Jacques for their pointers].


Jorge Arena.


One Response to “Announcement: Eva Golinger Comes to Chicago!”

  1. Hampton Inn Says:

    This was a very good read, please keep updating!

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