Breaking News.- Fidel is in Venezuela

June 28, 2005

Despite the denial of Information Minister Andres Izarra this morning, and the statement of president Hugo Chavez in Alo presidente, Fidel Castro arrived to Puerto La Cruz this afternoon to participate in the Summit about Petrocaribe (see here).
It seems that the Ministry of Information (MINCI) [should we call it
Disinformation?] sent a note of apology to the press (see here).

Since the MINCI’s is one of my favorite sites, I quickly went to
see what they were reporting. Interesting, if you check the main page
before they change it (they love to do that!) you could see a very
large picture of Chavez with the president of the Dominican Republic.
Castro’s arrival picture is quite discreet. It is a small picture on
the left side, showing Chavez with a casual Fidel Castro….Funny that
Castro’s name is not mentioned in the picture. Castro is mentioned by
name only in the article linked from the picture.

What is going on, guys? Are you trying to cover-up/disguise/minimize Castro’s arrival?

BTW, this ghost blogger could not find any note of excuses for
Izarra’s false report in the MINCI pages. Please let me know if
you find one.

Jorge Arena.

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