Izarra reiterates that he did not know about Fidel’s arrival

June 29, 2005

El Universal and the MINCI report that the Venezuelan Information Minister reiterated that he did not know about the arrival of Fidel Castro to Venezuela.

You know what? I believe him. And I find the whole situation very
revealing and rich in possibilities. Here is my speculation list:

1.- Castro was expected by Chavez, but Izarra was out of the loop.
2.- Castro was not expected by Chavez and decided to make the visit at the last minute.
3.- Izarra is lying.

3.-Let us start with nr. 3 and assume that Izarra is lying, that he
knew that Castro was coming and he felt the need to cover it up.
Why there was such a need? I think that he had no personal interest
whatsoever to lie knowning that the truth will be publically known so
soon afterwords. Why risk his reputation? So that is why I believe him.

2.-Now, let us analyze number 2. According to this possibility, it was
Castro that decided at the last minute that he would come, even though
the Venezuelan goverment was not expecting him. The question again is
why? We know for sure that the goverment was trying to present
the visit in a low-profile fashion. Could it be that the Chavistas have
realized lately that it was not a good idea to bring Castro to
Venezuela? In that case, why did Castro decide to come anyways?

1.-Finally, there is number one. According to this possibility,
Chavez and some high ranking goverment officials knew that Fidel was
coming but Izarra was not in that group. What would that
mean? First that Izarra was not in the high ranking clique
and second that someone in that group wanted Izarra to look like a

Of course, there is another simple posibility that I have not listed:
Sheer Chavista Incompetence! The communication channels were not
efficient and people were not advised of the visit when they should

Jorge Arena

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