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Is my Coca Cola drinking endangered if Coca Cola is declared of public utility?

October 8, 2005

Deputy Iris Varela, the so-called “Fosforito” DEputy of Chavez’ MVR,
announced on Thursday that the National Assembly may ask the Executive
branch to declare the Panamco-Coca-Cola plants in the country as
“public utility” and have the workers run them, if the company does not
give fired workers their rights.

The statement comes after she met with workers fired from the Coca-Cola
bottling plants in the 90’s who claim they have not received what they
were due. Curiously, the Venezuelan courts have failed to rule in favor
of these workers either on those rights that the Deputy is claiming to
defend. According to the Deputy, Coca Cola made all workers partners by
giving them shares in the company, but this was simple to exploit them.

Will Coca Cola sell them the secret coke syrup or will I simply have to start drinking Pepsi?

(Afterthought: Who is next McDonald’s or Microsoft?)