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Bolivarian Incompetence and Logic (or lack thereof)

October 15, 2005

–In an
effort to make the electoral process more transparent and show the world that
Venezuela is a wonderful democracy, CNE President Jorge Rodriguez announced
that in response to the opposition’s request that 47% of all votes be
counted manually, the CNE had decided to count as many as 1%. Thank you! Thank you!

Danilo Anderson was killed eleven months ago and within a week Prosecutor/Attorney
General Isaias Rodriguez said the crime had been “essentially solved”. Today
we learn
that Anderson
was killed by “crime multinationals” who received help from the CIA. Moreover,
the targets were President Hugo Chavez and Rodriguez himself, but Anderson turned out to be
an “easier” target. I see, the CIA and this “crime multinational” ran into
trouble and decided to kill someone like the 457th person in
hierarchy in the Venezuelan Government because it was “easier”. Very clear.
I am sure there was soemone that would have been easier to get rid off.

–The Head
of the National Institute for Statistics said
that Venezuela
had advanced in fighting poverty during the last six years according to the new
way poverty is being measured. The “old way” yielded an increase in poverty
of 10% of the population under Chavez, but with the new measure there are
improvements. He then proceeded to note that poverty in Venezuela is
“different” because 96% of the population has electricity and 76% have
refrigerators, which does not happen in other countries. He failed to note that
this Government has built no new electric infrastructure in the last seven
years and that the number of households with a refrigerator remains unchanged. I
guess he was praising the IVth. The accomplishments of the IVth. Republic.

speaking of improvements in the quality of life, between 1985-1995 there were
two cases of yellow fever and one death in Venezuela. There were 15 cases and
4 deaths in 1998. Well, today
the Vice-Minister of Health
talked about a “small” breakout of yellow fever
with 43 suspected cases and two possible deaths. He talked about three
“focuses” of yellow fever in the country in the South of Lake Maracaibo, South
of Tachira and Cojedes and Guayana, saying it is “normal” for the illness to
have breakouts in the second half of the year. Of course the breakout is in
Portuguesa state. There have been seven deaths so far this year in Venezuela, five
in states not mentioned by the ignorant Vice-Minister as being “natural”
locations for the once eradicated illness in our country. Another victory for
ignorance and incompetence.

there was Hugo himself (can’t find link) denying that he was a tyrant as he is
being accused. He said this was absolutely false, as false as the charge that Fidel
Castro is a tyrant. I see, he really gets it!