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Chavez praises Mugabe: Defending the indefensible

October 17, 2005

Chavez hugs, cavorts with and embraces bloody Dicator and murderer
Mugabe in Rome. Chávez praised Mugabe’s policies, saying the African
leader had been “demonized” and that Venezuela was enacting similar
reforms to undo “the unfair structures of colonialism.”. This picture
and Chavez words are extremely offensive to me and represent the
opposite of everything I believe in.. I guess it takes one to know one.
Very obscene.

(You can also listen to Mugabe here in vcrisis. And the topic has been posted (almost said embraced but throught of the pictures) by Quico, Edgar, Larry, babalu, I guess I was not the only one offended by it)


Ask Hugo anything

October 17, 2005

Have a question for Hugo? Something you always wanted to ask him?
Something you were always curious about? Well, here is your chance
courtesy of the BBC and Hugo’s expensive imagemakers:

Please, don’t be shy about it and ask away! This is your chance, show the BBC, Venezuela and the world you care!