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Only in the empty revolution is corruption so blatant

November 11, 2005

Abuse of Power, Corruption, Misuse of Funds, Mismanagement, Wasting
Public Funds, Misapropiation of Funds, Violation of Electoral Laws,
Lack of Transparency, Absence of Ethical Values, Dishonesty…In any
other country this would cause an outrage, this money could be used for
better purposes, rather than this self-serving, self-promoting, misuse of public property..

Only the empty revolution can show so much in a single picture!

(Thanks Tupa for the picture in ND)

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The convoluted and incoherent story of the Anderson assasination

November 11, 2005

One of the
advantages of having a blog reporting on Venezuelan events is that I have an
archive of what has been happening in Venezuela in the last three and some
years. Since I have written most of it, I tend to remember what I wrote about,
even if my memory is not as good as it used to be. A simple Google search
usually leads me to the right place and story to recreate links and bring back
history. Thus, it is not hard for me to go back and revisit issues, reconstruct
timelines and refresh events.

This all
comes to mind because I have been wondering during the last week, whether it
was worth doing a summary of the timeline of the Danilo Anderson case,
sprinkled with comments about inconsistencies and implausibilities. After all,
someone who does not live here and has not followed the case closely would not
have any clue about what this is all about when I post about it and whether
those accused last week may or not have something to do with the murder.

I sort of
put this project off a few times this week as work responsibilities did not
allow me to pursue the idea further earlier in the week. But then, I saw a sentence
in an interview with the Prosecutor General that just Ďirked me so much, that I
promised to work on this article before the week was over. Quico
also has a good summary
, without a detailed timeline of events, which may
actually serve as a good introduction to my somewhat drier tale of the case
which follows.

So the Prosecutor
General, in an interview this week in Tal Cual said the following:

ďNobody has been as
coherent as me in this case . I have handled this case with the utmost

The above
sentence is absolutely outrageous, as the following timeline of the Anderson case clearly
indicates and shows:

Nov-18-2004: Prosecutor Danilo Anderson, the
man put in charge of most political cases by the Prosecutor General, is
assassinated by the placement of a bomb under the armored Toyota Land Cruiser
he was driving (He did not own it, he usually drove a smaller Toyota as told to
Tal Cual in an interview weeks before his murder).

things about that night: 1) A group of intelligence police was patrolling the
streets near the site where the bomb blew off and according to witnesses
interviewed by the investigative police they blocked traffic right before the
explosion 2) Minutes after the explosion, in what was obviously a dangerous crime
site, when there could have been more bombs or explosions, high ranking
officials led by the Vice-President began showing up and giving interviews on
national TV in what should have been a cordoned off crime scene. 3) Danilo
Andersonís body and car were not blown into pieces, suggesting an incendiary
device and not a powerful explosive device. Of course, the opposition was
immediately blamed.

Nov-20-2004. Danilo Anderson is buried and is
honored as a hero of the country and the revolution. He is given the highest
decoration of the land posthumously.

opposition continues to be blamed. The man caught on video as being one of the
murderers of Mrs. Maritza Ron on August 15th. 2004, protesting the
results of the referendum, shows up at Andersonís
funeral, despite the fact that he was in prison.

That same
day, Juan Bautista Guevara, a former intelligence police inspector is detained
by the investigative police, liberated and detained again. The Prosecutor
General first says Guevara has been detained, and then he claims he was wrong
and he is not in detention. He also says this was a terrorist act.

Nov. 23d. 2004. Lawyer Antonio Lopez Castillo is
intercepted by a police car and shot dead. There is no evidence that those
following him ever identified themselves as cops (They were driving an unmarked
car). His parents are detained and jailed

Danilo Andersoní
best friend, MVR city councilman Carlos Herrera, says that the Vice-President
had called Anderson a few times to ask that some members of the financial
system who Anderson was going to charge with rebellion for going to the
Presidential Palace on April 11th. 2002 should not be charged.

Nov. 24. 2004. The Prosecutor Generalís office
reports that brother Otoniel and Roland Guevara (Juanís cousins) are missing.
Witnesses say Otoniel was detained by the police as he left the Magnum shooting
range in Caracas.

Nov. 25 2004. Juan Carlos Sanchez is shot dead
by the police in a Motel in Barquisimeto.
The Guevara brothers are supposedly detained by the National Guard.

Nov. 29th. 2005. The investigative police raids
Club Hebraica a Jewish Country Club looking for clues about the Anderson murder. To date
there has been no explanation for this raid which was done by fully armed men
when the club was full of kids.

parents are freed

Prosecutor asks that the Guevara brothers and cousin be jailed

Dec. 1st. 2004
Due to the errors and excesses of
the investigative police the Prosecutorís office removes the homicide
investigators from the Anderson case.

says that the case is almost solved and soon they will announce who ordered the

Dec. 8th. 2004 The investigative police says 12
people received $100,000 each to kill Anderson
and it was brothers Rolando and Otoniel Guevara who planned it. Johann Pena
placed the explosive Pedro Lander built it and dead lawyer Antonio Lopez Castillo
supplied the explosives Pena and Lander and in the US.

Dec 12th. 2004
. The Guevara brothers say they have been
tortured. The cousin Juan says they want him to accuse his cousins.

Dec. 18th. 2004. The Prosecutor General says that the statements by Councilman
Carlos Herrera have helped ďorientĒ the investigations and they are closer to
the masterminds of the assassination. A
few days later he says that he does not discard the possibility that Danilo
Anderson was involved in blackmail relate to the cases he was handling.

Dec. 22nd. 2004
Councilman Carlos Herrera accuses
Lawyer Socrates Tinaco of stealing a billion bolivars (US$ 520,000 at the time)
from Andersonsí
apartment. Sometime around those days, Andersonís
sister denounces that her brotherís two Jet skis, trailer and car can not be
found. She also wonders whatever happened to her brotherís two apartments. No explanation
is given for Anderson
wealth on his meager salary.

Dec. 31st.2004 Minister of Justice Chacon says
the case is essentially solved and that the names will be announced in January.

Jan. 5th. 2005
. Minister of Justice Chacon says
that it has been determined that two law firms were contacting those being charged
with going to the Presidential Palace in April 11 2002, asking for money to be
removed off the list by Prosecutor Anderson. He implies that Anderson
knew little about it.(Curiously after this Anderson was no longer hailed as a hero,
until two nights ago)

Jan 10th . 2005 Reporter Patricia Poleo accuses
Prosecutors Bauza and Castillo, the same ones in charge of her case today of
being part of Andersonís
extortion ring.

March 10th. 2005. The Prosecutorís Office begins
citing bankers who attended a wedding in Dominican
Republic and they are told it is about the Anderson case

July 12th. 2005. Prosecutor Rodriguez says that the
murderers had planned to murder either Chavez or him, but due to difficulties
with them, they decided to kill Anderson (!!). The purpose: To destabilize the
country! (By killing Anderson?)

Oct. 10th. 2005. The Prosecutor General announces
that the CIA and the Colombian paramilitary were involved and he will charge
people on Nov. 4th.

Then this
week, four apparently unconnected people were charged with Andersoní murder.


only from a Colombian who claims to
have been a member of the Colombian paramilitary. He says he was at all the
meetings at brought in 12 kilograms of C4 to kill Anderson. (Which would have blown up the
whole neighborhood where the explosion occurred, but Andersoní body was intact, burned as if the
device was incendiary, but in one piece. In fact, here you can find an expert on explosive talking
about this inconsistency)

calls between Johan Pena and Juan Carlos Sanchez murdered in Barquisimeto

Thatís it!
A single person tells a story and he is given all of the credibility of the
world. When the press questions how a former paramilitary testimony can be
given so much credibility, Prosecutor General argues that the guy is a
psychiatrist (!!). But then in the last few days we have learned that:

–The name
of the infamous psychiatrist, the only witness, former military, does
not appear
in any of the identification registries of the Colombian
Identification Office.

–The same
name fails
to appear in the records of the Colombian association of Psychiatrists.

Colombian Intelligence Police say they have a record of someone that claimed to
have that name who was detained ďa couple of timesĒ for identity theft, claimed
to know German (which he didnít) and claimed to be a psychiatrist (which he

guys Venezuelan ID card turns out not to exist.

And the
whole case that has been managed in such ďcoherent and transparent fashionĒ is
based only on this single witness

And the
extortion ring?

And Andersonís wealth?
And the

And the
Intelligence police near the explosion right before it occurred?

And the Altamira murderer at the burial?
And the
twelve people that were paid $100,000 each to blow Anderson up?

And why
was Anderson
going around without bodyguards that night?

And how
did the murderers know it was his car, if it was not his?

And how
was he identified instantly if it was not his car?

And who
hired and protected the Guevara brothers to hide former Fujimori assistant
Montesinos while in hiding in Venezuela.

I guess I
ask too much, but hey, I only want simple answers, I am not even asking for